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Lord Cad Bane Discharged

Early in the week of 4/18/1722 (2011), our beloved Lord Cad Bane made a decision to support Lord Pearson Hristrov in the war against England and the EITC. A notice went out a few days ago, signed by Lord Marshal Redbeard. It stated that Lord Cad Bane has been stripped of his rank, and dishonorably discharged. So, the question many of us ask is, "Will Cad Bane continue to write 'The EITC Lord'?"

Read more on Lord Cad Bane's discharge here.

EITCB and EITCSI Now Open!

In the past days, to of the biggest parts of the EITC, have been released to the public! First, came the East India Trading Co. Bank. They opened a Caribbean Branch at Fort Dundee, and have begun accepting investing companies and citizens of England. However, pirates are still outlawed from the bank.

Read more here.

The second organization was released just days later, the East India Trading Co. Shipping Industry! This was established by one of our most active EITC members, Lord Robert. The ships are now open to the general public. All non-personel will be charged an extra 45% on ships. Pirates will be charged an extra 85%.

Read more here.

EITC Fashion

EITC Best Dressed Award

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This week's winner of the EITC Best Dressed Award goes to Lord Nicholas Salisbury, for combining the simple commoner's look, with a strong EITC Lord.

Latest From London

England To War

Early this week, our glorious king made an announcement that war shall be declared on Russia, and a trade embargo is to be placed. Soldiers have been deployed to the Russian fronts, and are currently at a standstill, awaiting orders from Lord Beckett.

James Of England

Mere days ago, a man named James Of England appeared on the wikia. He claimed to be king of England. Over several days, many negotiations took place, and our great King George Breasly won. The agreement was written, and all death warrants of James and his family have been dissolved.


EITCB Investment

Are you unsure where to store your money? Look no further! The EITC Bank is here for you! Invest today!


Need a new ship? Don't trust those dirty shipwrights? Well, find the closest EITC Shipping Industry office, and by yourself a top-of-the-line ship!

'The EITC Lord' needs YOU! Submit your own advertisement to User talk:Lord Cad Bane or User talk:John Breasly and you could be in the next issue!


Q: Will Cad Bane continue to write 'The EITC Lord'?

A: Good question. We're awaiting Lord Redbeard's statement.

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