This copy of 'The EITC Lord' is in tribute to Lord Cad Bane, who is founder of 'The EITC Lord' and Chairman of the EITC Board of Directors.

His Story

Lord Cad Bane wasn't always the person you'd imagine he was. Lord Bane was once a bounty hunter.

For a time, he had no work. Finally, he did get work, in the hands of the outlaw deemed Captain Leon.

He worked as a bounty-hunter for Captain Leon for about half of the war between Leon and Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard.

Finally, he decided to join the Lord Marshal. There, he became a loved EITC Lord. In fact, he even fell in love with the beautiful Elizabeth.

He founded his guild, Co. Republic, and quickly became Chairman of the EITC Board of Directors.

After Captain Leon disappeared, his notoriety grew, on both sides.

When Captain Leon returned, he turned down the offer of becoming a bounty-hunter once more, no matter how tempting.

Today, Cad Bane works for Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard, and is the Chairman of the EITC Board of Directors.

His Information

Cad Bane

Lord Cad Bane's Portrait


Notoriety: 43

Sword: 30

Gun: 30

Dagger: 30

Grenade: 21

Voodoo Staff: 20

Voodoo Doll: 21

Cannon: 14

Sailing: 22


Morning Star—War Sloop

Shadow Dragon—War Galleon

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