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This unit is a fictional regiment created for use in the Venables & Luther Adventure series. It was modeled after the 74th Regiment of Foot. The 47th Regiment of Foot was created by Lord Governor Tyler Wellington to protect the African Colonies. They are headquartered at Sierra Leone and Wellington is currently looking for Officers and Soldiers to serve in this new regiment.


  1. Lord Tyler Wellington, Field Marshall of the Regiment
  2. Lt. General Richard Venables, Second-in-Command
  3. Lt. Colonel Richard Luther, Third-in-Command
  4. Sgt. Nicholas Sharkhayes, Fourth-in-Command (Formerly)

47th in battle


Soldiers Cavalry Ships Cannons
163 Men 53 Men 1 Ships 22 Cannons


  • Venables & Crossbones leading the 47th

    HMS Horus - Pride of Africa's ships, Ship of the Line, new ship that was constructed in Norway. Contains upper deck, quarter deck, main deck, forward deck. Inside it has, four cannon decks, two decks for the soldiers and crew, and one storage deck. Under the upper deck, the Main Cabin is housed which contains rooms for the officers, a dining room, and the offices.


  • Established September 26, 1745
  • Ships stationed with the Garrison
  • Arrival in Africa