52RB Seal
he 52nd Royal Battalion is a battalion of 700 elite soldiers, that were trained by William Yellowbones, otherwise known as George IV. They won the battle of Hanover in the early 1740s.


On Father's Day in the early 1739, George IV presented his great-grandfather with 700 newly trained soldiers. The 52nd Battalion, they were called. George II thought they were nothing special until 1741 where they recaptured Hanover from the Spanish & Russian dogs.

Battle of Hanover - Their Influence

The battle was being lost. Lord Blastshot was on the verge of retreat, but King George would not allow it. Tom Cresthawk had fled, with his Black Guard minions. The Spanish Grenadiers began the final assault on Blastshot's camp.

Suddenly, from the crest of a hill, came the 52nd Battalion. They destroyed the Spanish grenadiers, and marched into Hanover. Only twelve died. They had captured the city, and earned their title as the 52nd Royal Battalion. The vanguard.

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