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The Alliance of Evil Forces (A.O.E.F) is an army of Jolly Roger, EITC, Navy, and ghosts.


Slappy (Leader)

Skynet Cyberdine

(Re-formed by Slappy's personal assistant)

The Death Eaters (Re-formed by Slappy's personal assistant)

Undead Runners (Formed by Slappy's right hand man)

Elite Death Watch (Formed by Slappy's Personal Assistant)

EITC Navy (Formed by Slappy's personal assistant)


Thurs. Septs. 23rd 2010: A.O.E.F has declared war on the BP and CIG.

Sat. Sept. 25th, 2010: A small group of A.OE.F broke into the test server and invaded Raven's Cove for weapons. Several Pirates came before us and hid the weapons. Both sides had a huge war. When the pirates retreated to their ships, a looter squad was sent to look for the weapons. Communications have been cut off and we are unable to contact the looter squad.

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