I want to see the country being beautiful like always. I wish I could be with you forever but I cant everybody has to stop, they might die, they might give up, but I'm here for peace the only thing that stands against wars, it is the most strongest. I don't have slaves, I'm not like that I just have guards not slaves, they want to do it for money so I pay them 1 thousand gold because they help me each day, each night. I'm not like the mean guys they don't want peace, I do. Oh and you might be thinking where am I hiding from really mean people, ones called Captain Fish, and the other one is called Captain Mocks. They are to strong for me I need help but at the end of when you read this I'll probably die. I am at the Spanish island marooned there I don't know which server but search for me I need help

I hope to see you soon

~ Captain Swash ~

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