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These all are a tribute to my long deceased Account, Captain Andrew, may he rest in peace.

Just got my favorite hat ;)

Oh the fun I had!

SIDE NOTE TO ALL OF ANDREW'S FRIENDS:** I would like to thank all who ever befriended Andrew. The following pirates will be forever known in his name

  • William Yellowbones
  • Benjamin Macmorgan
  • Captain Josh
  • Lord Jeremiah Garland
  • Marc Cannonshot
  • Admeral Qswas
  • Elizabeth Pondbellows
  • Billy Lockcutter
  • Peter Stormshot
  • Johnny Edgeskull
  • Johnny Daggereagle
  • Johnny Warvane
  • Sharpshot Bill
  • Captain Crashside
  • Thomas Chipshot
  • Bonecrusher Smith
  • Rose
  • Peter
  • Lawrence Lockshot
  • Rose Sunslipper
  • Angel Lionheart
  • Jack Bluehawk
  • Lord John Gunhawk
  • Samuel Redbeard
  • Captain Leon (eh not really a friend, but a notable one. )

    A daredevil!

  • And last but not least..
  • Cad Bane (whom he trained and mentored.
  • and so many more...
  • MallaceTalk

===Rest in Peace

Current day

Interrogating with his forever Best friend- Benjamin Macmorgan.

Long Live Captain Andrew- This is his new pirate, Lord Mallace- we will never Forget.. and long Live Lord Mallace, BOTH THE CZAR OF RUSSIA!!!


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