I, William Yellowbones, would like to give these to King John/King George II for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day!

280px-Kingshead Armory Enterance to dangerous area

Your new castle/part fortress.

280px-Kingshead Barracks first look

The training area.

Sword King Arthur Excalibur Caledfwlch

Your hand-crafted sword made by me.

Kingshead Depot center-1-

The secret meeting place.

Buckingham-palace-f 998698c

The art center built in your honor!

Chateau Royal (6)

The dinning hall for King Georges/King John's new palace!

Royal Welch Fusiliers

700 newly trained men.

Crown of england

Your new crown!


The jugement center for prisoners.


Your bedroom.


Your bathroom.

200px-Kingdom Key KH

The key to your room.

320px-Kingshead Marching Grounds Trees

The main grounds.

Hope you liked them! From, Lord William Yellowbones of the EITCEITC Transparent 01:28, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

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