Abnormalty, founded December 28th 2011 by "Whatsherface", is a very well-known, strong, able-bodied Guild in POTCO. After Whatserface left, the current Guildmaster, Roger Plundermonk, stood up and took over management of the guild.

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  1. Guildmaster - Roger Plundermonk
  2. Top Officers - Meg McGrim, Sever, Stephen, and Peter Stormskull
  3. First Officers - Jelly, Rachel Stormhound, Lilly the Disturbed
  4. Chief Communications Officers - Jack Pistol and Richard Goldvane
  5. Peace Keeper - Country Boy

Top Officers are early Officers in the Guild and run it when the GM is not online. They speak for the GM and are the top level of Guild leadership.

First Officers are the next level of Guild leaders and have the full trust of the GM to manage Guild issues when the Top Officers or GM are not online.

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August 2012:

Guild meetings are every Sunday at 4PM Pacific / 6PM Central / 7PM Eastern.

Just come online and we'll announce the location each week.

Abnormality will be running a Guild contest from Monday, August 27 through September 1 (That's 6 days.)

The contest will be Enemies Defeated. Please visit our full Guild site here for full details!

The top 5 Guild members in enemies defeated over these 6 days will receive a Game Card good for a one month Free POTCO membership.



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