Adrian's Revenge was a legendary cursed sabre obtained by Finn Hamm sometime after his apparent death at Raven's Cove following the catastrophic battle between the Navy and the combined forces of Jolly Roger and the crew of the The Adipocere. A finely crafted blade that possessed great dark power, it was the ideal weapon for Hamm, who was well-versed in traditional dueling. The Vindicator fell out of use once Adrian's Revenge was discovered.



  • Attack: 96
  • Usurper (Rank 1) - Assume a ghostly form that increases parry rate by 50% and steals health from enemies with each strike for 5 seconds. 30% of the wielder's voodoo is drained at the end of the duration.
  • Mad Dash (Rank 1) - An improved version of Rolling Attack; a lightning fast rolling strike that covers considerable ground, damaging and knocking down enemies in the wielder's path.
  • Bent Spirit (Rank 3) - High chance to reflect voodoo attacks back at the enemy, but the wielder is quite vulnerable to grenades, Banish spells, and fire damage.
  • Parry + 5
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