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The Adevntures of Lawrence Daggerpaine was written by Lawrence Daggerpaine. Read the first book: Adventures Of Lawrence Daggerpaine, Book 1: Leon's Base.


Footsteps sounded off the walls of the dark, deserted street in Port Royal. The wet coble stones made it hard to rn, but the runner kept going. He jumped over a gate and ran down an alleyway. He got to a locked door, picked the lock with a small dagger, and got inside. Once in, he heard a guard comeing down the hall, hid in the shadows. He counted to four before he heard a muffled gasp and the dropping of a large body. He stepped out of the shadows, and saw the guard knockedout on the ground. "Good work Kat." he whispered into the shadows.

"Thanks Law." said a voice as a female figure stepped out of the shadow. It turned out to be Kat Walnutstone.

"Let's get going, we don't want to be late." Law whispered. They headed down a hall, ran down a staircase, and ended up on a balcony. In the large room below stood a number of persons. One, cloaked in a large robe, seemed ti be the center of attention, talking ludly while everyone watched. In a chair, a man was bound gaged. Law abd Kat swang down to the floor using ropes which hung from the ceiling. They landed quietly behind two of the onlookers, without being noticed. They then knocked them out. That alerted the rest of the onlookers, who turned and attacked the pair. Kat kept at them, while Law went to the cloaked figure. Just before Law was upon the figure, the man in robes drew out a knife and was about to murder the man tied to the chair. Law knocked the knife out of the figures hands quickly.

"Ah, Lawrence Daggerpaine, glad you could join us." said the figure. Law then used his sword to draw back the hood to reveal the man wthin.

"Ah, Pearson Wright. Always glad to make it." replied Law as he handcuffed the figure. Cad Bane then walked into the room.

"I thought I had told you to wait, Lawrence." he said.

"Well, if i had, you would have a body and a rumor." Law replied.

"Take Pearson out of my sight: Cad ordered his soldiers. The sodliers took Pearson rougly and pulled him outside, and to the jail.