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Alice Darkbane (Née Rousseau) is an Obeah conjure woman and French privateer, born in Calais, France, and an Officer of the Partners N Crime guild.

Early Life and Family

Alice Jean Rousseau was born in Calais, France, to a family of wealthy aristocrats. Her father, Alexandre Rousseau, was a commodore in the British Royal Navy. After twenty years of service, he retired and returned to his home town in France to start a family with Madeline Usher, a British immigrant whom he had met while in the military. Alice was the youngest of her three siblings, Alfred and Adrian. She made made high marks in English, German and Spanish (her native language being French) and even became an expert fencer, but none of this pleased her father. Alexandre had hoped for a third son, one that would join the Royal Navy like he and Alfred had.

Turn to Piracy

The year Alice turned fourteen, her uncle - Alfonse Rousseau, a former resident of New Orleans - was appointed governor of the newly-acquired Panzacola area of Florida. Alfonse invited Alexandre and his family to stay in Panzacola for a few weeks, and within the week the Rousseau family set sail for North America.

While taking a short break on Port Royal to restock supplies, the town was sacked by pirates. Alexandre and Madeline Rousseau were killed on the spot, Alice was kidnapped, and Adrian and Alfred were nowhere to be seen. After a few days at sea, the pirates decided that there was no point in keeping Alice, and marooned her on the closest island after robbing her of her valuables. That island, thought to be wild by the pirates, was Raven's Cove. Alice was found lying unconscious on the shore by the local mystic, Madam Zigana.

Pitying the young girl, Madam Zigana adopted Alice as her own daughter and taught her how to conjure. After studying the arcane arts for thirteen years, Alice adopted the last name "Darkbane" and left Raven's Cove to find and enact her revenge against the pirate crew that kidnapped her and murdered her parents. Even though she could now teleport to nearly every island in the Caribbean via teleportation totems, Alice commandeered a ship from a drunken sailor on Tortuga and christened it the Midnight Raven.


  • Alice has no true home, living solely on her War Brig, the Red Queen.
  • She can often be found on Raven's Cove or Cuba.
  • The skull and crossbones tattoo on her chest indicates she has some involvement with the Casa de Muertos guild.
  • She is currently employed as a privateer for the French Crown, has French Letters of Marque in her possession, and holds the rank of Admiral.
  • Rumour has it that she has a plot in the works against the East India Trading Company...