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The Allied Militias

The Allied Militias is a group of guilds. This is a alliance led by the 'Militia Guilds'. It was conceived and created by Simon Treasurehawk on 3/20/11.

So Basically:

  • You need to be a Guildmaster.
  • You need to work out a partnership withSimon Treasurehawk.
  • There can be no discrimination of EITC/Pirates.
  • If you have the 'Militia' in your guild name and have joined Marauder's Militia, you are an Internal Guild.
  • If you have never joined Marauder's Militia and do not have Militia in your guild name, you are an External Guild.

Honored Guilds


Internal Guilds

  1. Marauder's Militia ~ Led by Simon Treasurehawk
  2. Grenadier's Militia ~ Led by William Seafury

External Guilds

  1. Grande Doubloons