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thumb|500px|left|The Escape Song

The Father And His Capture

Amapur, is the short name for Archduke George Montone Porthos Louis William Leon Stormwash, the father of Jeremiah Luigi Antonio Montone Sebastian Hernandez Stormwash, and husband of Archduchess Ildiko Montone Porthos Louis William Leon Stormwash. He is one of the kindest people you are likely to meet in your entire life. He was an English Archduke at first, but then became a pirate and met Ildiko, settled down and had Jeremiah with ildiko. When Jeremiah was only 9, an EITC soldier and 4 Royal Navy dragoons came to arrest him for piracy, and trason to the crown. He tried his best to escape them, but he was too old, and at age 50 he was sent to the Seven Towers, in Turkey for imprisonment for life in the highest tower.


Currently, Amapur still rests in the Seven Towers' highest tower in Turkey, waiting for his son to come and rescue him from the wretched place. One time, his son even sent a party to brake him out, but it was a failure. They sung him a song in the language of Hungarian to warn him that he will be broke out. Sadly, the escape failed, and the part barely got away. this escape party was Matthew Omalley, Riverta Soulstealer, and Johnny Sea Slasher.


Because the trip to get to the 7 Towers is over 2 years from the Caribbean, Jeremiah could not ever again attempt to brake out his father that he never even go to know. Amapur spent his last says in the 7 Towers' highest tower. He died of old age on March 27, Jeremiah's 21st birthday. When Jeremiah was informed of his father's death, he woved revenge upon the Seven Towers, and the soldiers who arrested his father.

In Memory

To remember our brave Amapur, please listen to the full song above.

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