"I'm not it in just for the money and women anymore."
— reintroducing himself to a friend
Amare Jelani
New Zoomer


Amare Jaz Jelani


Zoomer Strife

Birth Date:

Highharveste, 3rd dawn (Gemini)


30 (Aether War), 65 (current year)


Thief, treasure hunter, guerilla, politician, hero


Sweet drinks, strawberry pie, carrots, money, female attention, underdog justice


Unmotivated people, slow talkers, tyrants, systemic criminals




Zulema Mujehk (wife)
Chalise Jelani (daughter)
Unnamed son
Unnamed grandchildren

      Amare Jelani, also known as Zoomer Strife, is a Voshi former politician, guerilla, and Outlander. Born in 4,786 in an inland slum in Voshe, he was sold into slavery at the age of 8. After orchestrating an ingenious escape almost a decade later, he became a founding member of an Oceanic commune dedicated to slave liberation and education. As his strength and knowledge both grew without bound, he sought to create a legacy for himself throughout Aquila, and left his commune behind for the great expanses of Kilran. Beginning as a somewhat well-known monster and treasure hunter with an overt and excessive fondness for earthly pleasures, his adventures with the Outlanders transformed his world view and personality into one dedicated to improving the world and the lives of others. When this mission demanded his blood, he proudly gave it.

Personality and Traits

Amare would be described by almost all who knew him as a jocular man immune to almost all sadness. Indeed, being the youngest Outlander, he was often viewed by the world as the most inexperienced and the least hardened. This was corroborated by the fact that he had a penchant for mischief and debauchery, bringing equal parts laughter, fame, an embarassment to his three comrades.

In truth, his jovial nature was fueled by an inability to face his own past and his own weakness in a world he considered ruthless. The all-too-frequent sounds of the vicious lash and the howling cry in his slave quarters sank his true nature into a personal abyss, not to surface for decades. He possessed a white-hot hatred for those who coerced or forced others into loyalty and servitude, which only compounded itself throughout his numerous journeys with the Outlanders, many of which saw the group experience the darkness present in Aquilan society.

Even so, it was these same journeys that refined his world view. Having trekked through what he could swear was every block of the world, his eyes now bearing the mark of worldly experience, he channeled his hatred and self-doubt into selfless confidence, vowing to free his homeland as well as the world. His cheerfulness and unviersal ability to crack a good joke did not diminish in the slightest, but even though he remained a comic relief to his comrades, he grew into a more dedicated and motivated teammate, finally having come to terms with the past as his teacher for the future. Simultaneously, he became more conservative in expressing his love for basic pleasures like food and women; although his friends would be quick to say it has far from disappeared.

Skills and equipment

Note: The following information is gauged at Amare's prime, circa the beginning of the Nascent Revolution. His unimaginable experience in combat have led to a monumental increase in his power since the days of Herobrine.

  • Strength: 12/20
  • Constitution: 7/20
  • Dexterity: 17/20
  • Intelligence: 8/20
  • Wisdom: 14/20
  • Charisma: 16/20
  • Weapons: Dagger (Hummingbird), throwing knife belt, katana (Reunion), fists, words
  • Armor: Light armor, protective coat

Amare uses uses a long, thin blade known to some in Aquila as the katana, a subspecies of longsword derived from the southern hemisphere and the specialty of many Voshi blacksmiths. Unlike regular two-handed heavy blades, the katana is renowned to its cult following for its extreme ease of use but difficulty of mastery. Its prime use is that of blindingly fast swipes that can be connected to form deadly combos, laying waste to groups of attackers in the blink of an eye. It also has a knack for quick parrying, as its ease of carrying make it usable in almost any position with swift transition.


The Reunion - Amare's weapon of choice

Amare is widely recognized as the fastest and most dextrous of the Outlanders by a considerable margin. Often the first to react to an ambush, he is also respected as the one with the sharpest reflexes. In battle, he displays this alacrity through quick decisions, rapid slashes at enemy weaknesses, graceful evasion, and on-the-spot thievery. When not in combat, the Outlanders also capitalized on this ability by relegating to him the role of infiltrator and lockpicker.

He reaps the benefits of such a blade in two diametrically opposed methods, or forms - the first is the Falcon form, an agile and focused form that implements "offensive defense" and "hit and run" as its plans, seizing opportunities at blinding speed as they present themselves, but ensuring to keep a safe distance while also never being in the same position for longer than a second. Notable attacks are the "Sonic Surprise", in which the blade is drawn at breakneck speed to execute a devastatingly shocking horizontal swipe, and the "Come and Go", in which he rapidly lurches forward to deliver an abrupt and piercing slash before retreating backward.

The opposite form is the Hawk form, in which Amare eschews caution and defense for a ravaging offense. An enemy already exhausted and especially exasperated from a well-used Falcon form is the most effective target for the upcoming onslaught. Notable offensive abilities are "Assault", twin heavy slashes that zone in on a moderately distant opponent that wear down and pierce even well-made armor, and the "Wild Dance", a series of swipes and slashes that can both hack away at mosh pits and bring the strongest monsters to their doom.

While the katana (which he foundly nicknames the Quickblade) is his primary weapon, he remains fond of his old dagger and uses it in less demanding fights. His throwing knives, too, are of key tactical value in stealth and long-range combat. Furthermore, Amare is a proficient pugilists and boxer by hobby, and has mastered the art of hand-to-hand combat through a combination of training, close encounters, and bar fights.

Casting aside the diluted tactics of his past, Amare now uses a calculated method to infuriate, debilitate, and eviscerate his foes. Often evidently, however, he is not yet above petty thievery...




Yoink a goodie from an enemy while in the throes of bloody combat. Not always successful; not all enemies are born equally intuitive.

Sonic Surprise A horizontal slash delivered with blinding speed and deadeye precision.
Come and Go Launch forward at the target with a rapid slash and jump backward. Positively infuriating.
Underswipe After blocking or parrying an attack, quickly sidestep to deliver an upward slash with great speed.
Blade Storm (Limit Break)

In deadly situations, immaculately deliver a series of nine slashes to a single target at dizzying speed. Immensely powerful and fatal to unarmored enemies. Costs a lot of energy.



Dodge Roll

Simple yet surprisingly effective evasive roll. Easily doubles as a method of crossing small gaps in terrain. At high hunger levels, it may be used to knock weak foes off their feet (not lovingly), and crush tinier enemies.

Grip Facilitates climbing and descent over vertical surfaces. Also enables temporary hanging from objects such as railings and branches. Time until fall is determined by hunger. Don't leave yourself hanging.
Dolphin Dive Generously boosts swimming speed both on and under water. Underwater, vision is greatly improved, and a boost in lung capacity is given proportional to hunger; at minimum, lung capacity is halved; at maximum, lung capacity is multiplied 1.5x.
Artful Hopper Doubles jump height such that a two-block tall obstacle can be jumped on. Further, falling damage receives a cut proportional to hunger; at minimum, fall damage is multiplied 1.5x; at maximum, fall damage is capped at 3 hearts. But for Wisdom's sake, please don't misjudge the height of that jump...
Mirror Dash/Runner's High

Boost running speed to the peak in a pinch. Easily used to tackle and knockback weaker enemies. Though unaffected BY hunger, it easily eats through it, and overuse may lead to unpleasant side effects such as nausea and weakness. Or you could eat a carrot...

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