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Ziggy was in august absent for 15 days in the Caribbean a time ago. This is his story of what he was doing there. He went to America to find adventure. He met a fisherman called Pablo Rodriquez who told him about the legendary Golden City of Montalvo and her treasures and weapons. during his journey he met Selena with which a romantic story is growing. But will they find this legendary city. It's an adventure with lots of romance, humor, action and what have Jolly Roger and El Patron have to do with this city. find out yourself and enjoy.

The Story

Captain Ziggy Cardon Is Back

You might haven't seen him for 15 days in the Caribbean, well that's because he was on an adventure in North America, here's the story.

Chapter One: Arrival At The West Coast

Ziggy Arrives in a small Spanish Colony called Los Angeles.

The town is actually very small but the Spanish says it has a lot of potential to become a huge colony.

It’s unlikely to find an adventure in this small Spanish town Ziggy thinks, but in a small dock he met a fisherman

Drawing of a Mola mola made by Ziggy after the catch off coast of Los Angeles, Ziggy appears to have a great interested in Biology

called Pablo Rodriquez, and he asked Ziggy to a trip on sea to show him the area and the lots of animals the West Coast have to offer, on their trip they see huge Blue whales and a lot of Grey Whales, Pablo says ‘this is one of the few spots to see whales because everywhere else whale hunters hunt them down, but because this area is still unknown aren't here any Whale Hunters.” They also see some wild Sea Lions and lots of Dolphins and Sea Birds. And during the fishing they catch some Mola Mola’s . When they where sailing back to the coast Pablo told Ziggy about a legend of a gold city of Montalvo. And Ziggy became interested, and he asked more about the city. So Pablo started to tell the story…

“There is a story, of a city of gold from the Uto-Aztecs; the builder of the city was called Montalvo. Montalvo saw himself as the most powerfull emperor in the world, so he build 3 Cities, not build out of stone, but gold. He wanted his cities to be as great and wonderful as himself. But after some point he saw himself even bigger as the Gods, so they destroyed the 2nd and 3th city, Montalvo himself was cursed and his spirit was put in a golden skull, hidden underneath the Sun Temple of his biggest and only remaining golden city. But the city went lost wh

The Golden City Of Montalvo

en the Gods Tried to destroy it, the city was too big and Montalvo put some black magic over the city so it would defend and prevent it from being destroyed, so the city disappeared. Along with all treasures, magical weapons and secrets. A few people tried to search for the cities, but nobody found them, or didn't return from their j

Humberto Diaz, better known as El Patron!!!

ourney. Hernan Cortes had send a few conquistadores to find the cities, the troop was lead by Humberto Diaz, also a famous conquistador who disappeared in the Caribbean along with his lost weapons, the legend says his ghost hunt some island in the Caribbean, But he returned from the golden city, he saw it, but he told it was guarded, by undead Indians, zombies, Cursed Indians and a few fearsome monsters, only Humberto and one of his crewmen called Foulberto Smasho returned. Humberto Diaz is one of the only who saw the city and returned, you might have heard of him”

Ziggy interrupts “yeah I know him, I’ve seen the island a few times, it’s called Raven’s Cove. But do you know where that city is?”

Pablo “Ha, nobody knows where it is, that’s why they call it an LOST city, hahaha”

Ziggy “and you have no idea where it could be?”

Pablo “Do I look like I have been to the city, I’m a fisherman, if I knew where it was, I would probably be king, But there’s an man more North East wards that lives next to the Colorado River that says he know where it is. If he is telling the truth? I don’t know”

Ziggy “But we can ask it can we? You know the way to that man?”

Pablo “I would like to guide you to him, Ever been to the Gran Canyon?”

So they grab 2 horses and ride to the North East to the man in the Gran Canyon.

Chapter Two: The Journey To The Canyon.

Ziggy & Pablo traveled through the desert to the Gran Canyon. This land was n

The Place where they made their camp.

ew to Ziggy, he only knew the Forest and Grasslands from Belgium, and the Tropical Rainforests from the Caribbean, he never been to a Desert before. They traveled a whole day now and in 1 day they reach the Colorado River that lies in The Canyon, where the mysterious man lives. When it became dark, they settled camp in the desert. Ziggy decided to take a walk, But then Ziggy hears a strange sound, he walks through it, But then all of a sudden someth

Drawing The Rattlesnake

ing jumps out of the bushes and tries to bite him, he take his pistol and shoot it, it was a rattle snake that tried to attack him. Pablo runs towards him and asked what that shot was, then he sees the rattle snake and takes a breath of relieve, and says “oh lucky it’s only a rattle snake, I though you where attack by an Indian”. Then sees Pablo something, something that’s written on a rock, they both step towards a rock and they see some drawings on it, has this something to do with the Golden City? Ziggy says “These things look like they are human but they also look like they not from this world, what are they?”

The Rock Carving of The Gods that Ziggy & Pablo found in the desert

Pablo “This are the Gods of the Uto-Aztecs, they believed they came from above, in these great floating ships, and the Uto-Aztecs and many other tribes worshiped them. These Gods as they called them gave them knowledge about lots of stuff such as in astrology, math and technology. They told the people how to build the pyramids, but then they left and the people made more monuments for them. But for so far we know they never returned… But who believes all that, it’s just a stupid story.”

Ziggy “no no, may by there’s some truth in this story, cause the 2 golden cities where destroyed, and Montalvo’s spirit is in a skull, so why won’t it be true?”

Pablo “You don’t believe this, do you? You’re not telling me that you believe in the supernatural do you?”

Ziggy “Well I’ve seen a thing or two, and by the way, if we didn’t believe it we wouldn’t be looking for it, aye? People, you should believe more in the supernatural. Because people don’t believe anymore in it and because of that a lot of the magic of the world start to disappear.”

Pablo “Maybe you’re right, come let’s get back to camp, tomorrow we arrive in the Canyon.”

Chapter Three: The Mysterious Man In The Canyon

The sun goes down in 3 hours and they finally reach the Gran Canyon. On

Chief Crazy Donkey

that same moment they are surrounded by Pueblo Indians. And a big man that appears to be their chief steps forwards and ask what they come doing there. Ziggy takes the word because Pablo can’t talk from fright and says that they are looking for a man that lives in the Canyon,

Chief “What is that man his name?”

Ziggy “Pablo what was that guy his name again?”

Pablo “Euh it was Hector, i mean Henry Gomez.”

Chief “Henry…”

Ziggy “You know him?”

Chief “Yeah he was a very good friend from mine”

Ziggy “Was?”

Chief “yeah, he died a few months ago, he fell from the rocks.”

Ziggy “Ow we didn’t know that, that’s horrible.”

Chief “Indeed, but maybe I can help you, he was my best friend, I ha

The Necklace made out of bone Ziggy got from the tribe

ve great respect for him, it would be a honor to help you two. Come my tribe will give you a great welcome.”

When they arrived to the tribe’s camp, there’s a great buffet with lots and lots of meat, even Bison meat that the hunters caught today. Ziggy and Pablo get lots of food and lots of presents from the tribe. Ziggy got a necklace with skulls made from bones of bisons and a deer, a small warrior axe and a spear point.

Chief “So how you two are called?”

Ziggy “well I’m Captain Ziggy Cardon, and my friend here is Pablo Rodriquez”

Chief “well my name is Chief Wild Donkey, and where are you from?”

Ziggy “I’m from Belgium but I live in the Caribbean now, and my friend here’s from Los Angeles, a small colony a bit more to the coast”

Chief “ow, and why did you need Henry for?”

Ziggy “Well, we’re looking for Montalvo’s Golden City, and we’ve heard he knew the location.”

Chief “The Golden City, The City which the Gods tried to destroy, but failed while doing i

The Quetzalcoatl, a fiersome monster that guards the Golden City

t. It’s a dangerous place to go to, Legends say that it’s guarded by undead creatures and cursed warriors and a few monsters like the Quetzalcoatl. Be warned”

Ziggy “But you can help us?”

Chief “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help you, But I know someone who can, Henry had a map, but he hide it, but he told his daughter so many stories, so she might knows where the map is hidden.”

Ziggy “Where can we find her?”

Chief “I will show you where Selena lives.”

Chapter Four: meeting Selena

After a 25 min walk they arrive at a small shack. It reminds Ziggy on his cottage in Tortuga, Ziggy smiles because it looks a lot like it. Then the chief disturbs Ziggy’s dreamy moment

Ziggy meets Selena Gomez, she will guide him to the Golden City, and maybe there's more between Ziggy & Selena

and shout “Selena, you have visitors” Then Selena comes out, and Ziggy is stunned when he sees her, she’s so beautiful, with her long dark hair, that beautiful face shape, and those eyes where you would fall In love with immediately, and that mouth that ask for a kiss, Ziggy is for the first time speechless. Pablo asked “Is everything all right, I've never seen you so quiet?” Ziggy wakes up of his daydream again and says “eh what? Ow yeah, hey I’m Ziggy Cardon, You are?” on which Selena answers “I’m Selena Gomez, you would know no? You came to visit me, come we go inside, is he always that weird?” on witch Pablo answers “first time I see him like this” Then they enter the shack and Ziggy is still a bit stunned. “So why did you come to visit me?” then Pablo says “Well we actually came to visit your father but we heard that he died, so the chief told us you could help us maybe?” “Go on” says Selena. “We've heard that your father believed that he saw the legendary Golden City of Montalvo, and that he knew the way to it, So we want to start an expedition to search the city, and maybe you can guide us?” on which Selena answers quiet aggressive, “and why would I guide you to that city, I haven’t lost anything there, so why would I like to go there, it drove my father crazy!” Selena starts to cry a little, on which Ziggy takes the word from Pablo and says “Because of that, because it drove your father crazy, because nobody believed him, you could prove everybody wrong that didn’t believe him, and you can prove that he wasn't mad, but genius. Do it for him, he would have wanted you to see it.” On which Se

vieuw over the Gran Canyon

lena quietly asks “You think?” on which Ziggy says “I know it for sure, so do you think you can help us to the Golden City?” on which Selena answers full of excitement “Yeah I think I can help you, my father told me he hide a map, to the first clue and I know where it lies, it’s somewhere I used to play where I was little, come” Selena and Ziggy run out the shack full of joy, you can feel the happiness in the 2 persons, Pablo and the chief look to each other and follow Selena and Ziggy who are far ahead of them. Selena and Ziggy are still running, now with a great view over the Gran Canyon which lies next to them, the chief and Pablo gave up the running and are stepping now. Selena and Ziggy are now on the place that Selena meant; a flat piece of rock on the edge of the canyon, with a great view. Selena says with lot of energy in her voice “It’s in that crack there” Selena take out the map and she and Ziggy open the map, “the map leads to an area called Nova Albion, the area is from the British but there is a Indian Tribe called the Ohlone tribe, my father knew them well and he hide the next clue there” Pablo and the chief are now also on the rock formation and looking to the map too. And Pablo says,” ow you found the map, so how far is it?” on which Selena answers “It’s a tree day journey to an Area that belongs to the British.” The chief and Pablo are in shock, they both hate the British, the chief heard many stories from British who attacked and whipped out many Indian tribes and Pablo hate the British too, cause they are enemies of the Spanish. So their next destination is a very dangerous one, with a lot of dangers on their way.

Chapter five: It's not the destination, so much as the journey.

Ziggy, Pablo and Selena are saying goodbye to the pueblo tribe and grab 3

a Corrupt Stump

horses and start their long journey to the dangerous Nova Albion. It’s a journey through desert, mountains, rivers and forests.
After a journey through the desert they have reached a forest. After a while in that forest they hear a strange sound, appearently they are haunted by a corrupt stump, Ziggy jumps from his horse and attack the stump, Selena freaks out, she never a saw a creature like that, either did Pablo, they can't believe their eyes, Ziggy killed this monster, Pablo asked “What was that creature? And how did you killed it?” on which Ziggy answers “It was a Corrupt Stump, I fight a lot against these creatures in the Caribbean.” On which Pablo laugh and says “man, what kind of place do you live man” Selena asks concerned “are you ok Ziggy?” on which Ziggy says “yeah I’m good, weird I didn’t know these creatures lived here, I thought we only had those in the Caribbean under the serve of Jolly Roger, maybe it has to do so

The Lost Sword Of El Patron, maybe it has something to do with the Golden City?

mething with the Golden City?” on which Pablo asks “Who’s Jolly Roger?” and Selena asks “yeah maybe it had to do something, cause I live here my whole live and never saw one of those things.” On which Ziggy say to them; “Jolly Roger is an evil and cursed man who terrorizes the Caribbean, he has an army of undead pirates and conquistadores. He is after the Lost weapons of El Patron, you might know him as Humberto Diaz, he's after the weapons so he can rule the Caribbean and defeat Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl. He’s now planning invasi

Jolly Roger, is he after the Golden City too?

ons on the 3 main islands in the Caribbean, and his army is growing stronger. And Selena it could be that it has something to do with the city.” On which Pablo says “Montalvo’s City, Humberto Diaz, Lost weapons, Jolly Roger, that stump? Maybe they have something to do with it all? Maybe this is much bigger that we realize.” Ziggy thinks with what Pablo says and he says “yeah maybe you’re right, maybe they all have to do something with it, cause the legend says that the city is guarded by undead Indians, and Jolly Roger’s army are undead, and the legend also says that there are Legendary weapons which went lost together with the city and El patron’s weapons are Lost and Legendary too. Maybe this is far beyond our imagination.” On which Pablo says “yeah who knows?” and Selena “So this means we’re also in much more danger then we imagined?” on which Ziggy says “I don’t know, but you have me to protect you, I’ve survived the invasions of Jolly Roger, I’ve survived Raven’s Cove many times, and I just defeated a living tree. So maybe isn’t the golden city such a big deal hahahaha.” So they jump back on their horses and drive further trough the forest. After a while of riding hill’s are forming, and the forest starts to become desert again, they are now in the mountains. The mountains are very steep, but Selena knows a path through the mountains to a river. So they take the path, on their way to the river, Selena notice something and she stop the horses and says to the guys “you see that over there? That is a mountain lion over there, magnificent animals, one of my favorite animals” on which Ziggy says “yeah indeed, I love cats too, they have something that speaks to me.” On which Selena replies “Then we have

The river and mountains they need to cross

more in common they I first tough” Selena smiles and drive further. Ziggy smiles but is confused. On that moment Pablo comes towards him and says “I think she has a crush on you, and you one on here, good luck Amigo” Pablo smiles to his amigo and they both drive further. After a while the finally reach the river, now they have to find a way to cross this 80 meters wide river. Ziggy says “Are you sure this is the way?” on which Selena answers “of course this is the way or we can go around to the South but then we lose a day and the travel is already long enough, don’t you think?” on which Ziggy replies “euh yes miss, if you says so” on which Selena says “good” Pablo whispers to Ziggy “don’t you love that
Spanish temperament eh, hahahaha” Ziggy smiles and they cross the river. But all of a sudden Selena’s horse frights from something and thrown Selena of its back into the river with a strong current. Ziggy jumps from his horse called Patsy and jumps into the water to save Selena. Ziggy reach Selena and he grab a rock and hold it tight so they won’t draw. Ziggy shouts to Pablo to throw a robe to them. Pablo throws the robe and Ziggy manage to catch it. Pablo fastens the robe to his horse Aruba and he lifts them out of the water. they lie both in the sand and Selena lies in Ziggy’s arms when they are lifted on the water, and Selena whispers to Ziggy “Thank you, you saved my live, that was very brave” she gives him a kiss on his cheek and hold him a bit tighter. Then Selena gets up smiling and says “we have to move on, come on Ziggy get up or are you going to lie there the whole day?” Ziggy jumps back on his horse and they move further in to the mountains.

Chapter Six: A Love Story

The three have made up a camp, and they are lying on the ground, Selena is

a drawing of the Armadillo which appeared to be smarter then Pablo

already sleeping. Pablo is trying to catch an armadillo which appears to be smarter th

The stars Ziggy was looking at

an Pablo, and Ziggy lies on the ground looking to the stars. And he’s thinking, since he saw Selena he’s very confused. She makes his head spinning. Is he in love or not? He’s not sure, she gives him a special feeling. A feeling he once knew with a girl. A girl he still loves too, but he haven’t seen in a while. A girl that broke his hart and used him. Ziggy’s story is similar to the story of Davy Jones. Davy Jones fell in love with Calypso and she pretended to love him, but she used him and afterwards she broke his hart. That’s what happened to Ziggy too. He hates the girl but deep in his hart

Ziggy's previous love story looks a lot like that from Davy Jones

he still loves her. But now there’s Selena too, and Ziggy is very attracted to her, she gives him the same feeling as the other girl, only this time the feeling in much stronger. And he keeps thinking on the moment she kissed his cheek when he rescued her from the water. Is she the one? Ziggy don’t know yet and he fells a sleep. But Selena didn’t sleep either, she was also thinking. Thinking about Ziggy and what she feels for him, he make her laughs and he give her a save and good feeling, she feels some sort of connection, she feels comforted and good around him. He makes her feel special. She keeps thinking on the moment he saved her out of the water and she was lying in his arms, that moment was magical to her. Or the moment they found the map in the canyon and they looked each other in the eyes, Selena saw something in his eyes that made her feel special. Selena fell in love that moment. Whe

Ziggy lies awake thinking about her, and Selena lies awake thinking about Ziggy, They've fell in love

n Pablo arrives back to camp without armadillo are Selena and Ziggy already asleep. Next morning Selena is early awake. Ziggy wakes up from the noise she makes with making the horses ready. Ziggy goes to her and says “Already awake” Selena frights because she didn’t know he was awake and says “ow God, you scared me. Didn't hear you coming, and yes I’m making the horses ready so we can continue our journey early.” On which Ziggy replies “That’s very smart” on which Selena replies “thank you, now wake up our great armadillo fighter.” She laughs and continuous with preparing the horses for departure. Ziggy goes to Pablo and kicks him so he wakes up. Pablo who was still dreaming wakes up scared and scream “No armadillo, don’t eat me, no!” on which Ziggy says with a laugh “slept well amigo?” on which Pablo answers relieved “ow, Ziggy. It is you.” on which Ziggy replies “Yeah who else, a giant flesh eating armadillo.” Pablo gets up and says to Ziggy “you are definitely the funniest one at home, aren't you?” and which Ziggy scornful says “finally, some acknowledgement.” Selena scouts to the guys and says “Hey, are we going to ride or are you guys going to chat there all day? Come on it’s still a long journey.” They jump on their horses and continuous their journey to Nova Albion.

Chapter Seven: A Pirate Story Under The Moonlight

Its evening and they’ve travelled whole day, and are arrived at a lake now. They are tired but also very happy to see

The lake with moon view they have.

water. Pablo decides to catch some fish for dinner, he might have more luck with fish then he had with the armadillo. Selena and Ziggy decides to take a bath in the water. It was beautiful that night, the stars very bright and the moon very big. Now Pablo is fishing they have some time alone for themselves. They go closer to each other in the water. And Selena says to Ziggy “don’t you love water, it has something magical and it’s so beautiful, so refreshing. And especially romantic under the stars and moon don’t you think?” On which Ziggy replies “Ow yes, I love the sea, that’s why I became a sailor. And yes it’s very romantic here, with you, in this lake, under the stars.” On which Selena says “Well, I’ve been thinking lately, about this adventure, about us…” On which Ziggy says “Me too.” And he goes a little closer to her. Selena goes also a bit closer to him and says “I like you a lot, we have a lot in common. And you make me feel comforted around you. You just make me feel special.” On which Ziggy says “Really? That’s very sweet. I’ve been thinking also a lot about you, about us…” Selena hugs him and says “I think I love you, do you love me?” Ziggy holds her a bit tighter and says “I love you too, from the moment we first met, you had something that enchanted me.” Selena hug him again and lie her head on his shoulder, but when she open her eyes she noticed something and she pops her head ba

The Mark Ziggy got from the Spanish

ck up and says “Ziggy is that a scar?” Ziggy push her away a bit and says “where?” Selena says “Their on your arm, that thing there, wait it’s a P, it’s not a scar, it’s a mark? You are a Pirate!” Selena goes back and says “why didn’t you tell me?” Ziggy answers her “Yes I’m a pirate and I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to scare you.” On which Selena replies “I can’t believe you lied to me” Ziggy grab her arm and says “I didn’t lie to you, because I didn’t told you anything about me. And why I didn’t tell you earlier was because I did not wanted to scare you because I love you.” Selena comes back and says “Do you really love me?” on which Ziggy says “of course I do.” On which Selena says “ow ok, but be hon

The Burning Batavia, the VOC ship where Ziggy was on

est to me then and tell me how you got that scar.” Ziggy starts to tell “Well I worked for the VOC first, a Dutch Trading Company. But there is a war between Holland and Spain. So when we were in the Caribbean of coast of Jamaica. A Spanish fleet attacked our ship. I can still remember. It was already dark and it was quiet foggy on the sea that night. But then appeared 12 Spanish ships out of the fog, and they opened fire at us. Wood, cannons flew everywhere, the noise of the cannons and scream of the crewmembers was one of the worst sounds I’d ever heard in my live. The ship exploded and sunk to the bottom of the sea. I and only 3 other crew

The burning VOC ship after it was attacked by a Spanish fleet

mate survived. The Spanish pulled us out of the water. They gave us a chance and asked me if I wanted to join the Spanish or I would become pirate. I chose for pirate, and because the Spanish saw me as the leader of the survivals they only marked me. Later they put us in jail on a small island called Rambleshack. And to be honest, I don’t regret my choice. Pirate is not only plundering and killing, Pirates are not all bad. It’s about freedom and the adventure. Besides there is a pirate code, we pirates help each other and we only fight against enemies, in my case the British Royal Navy, the EITC, The Spanish and Jolly Roger and his undead army. Ow yeah, I’m not only Pirate. I’m a privateer for the French. And I’m a bartender too.” On which Selena says “So you’re a good guy actually?” She laughs and hugs him again. Ziggy says “yeah actually” Selena says to him “You’re now my Jolly Sailor Bold.” She gives him a short kiss on his mouth. Then they start to kiss and make love. Next morning Pablo wakes them up, they’re both together, Selena in Ziggy’s arms. And Pablo says “Had a good night lovebirds? Seems you did, and Ziggy enjoyed that Spanish Temperament?” on which Ziggy laughs and says “you bet I did.” They both get up and prepare the horses. They jump on the horses and Ziggy says to Pablo “I’ve to tell you something from my past during the journey…”

Chapter Eight: Enemy Territory

So Ziggy tells his story to Pablo, about how he

Storm Banshee during privateering

became pirate. After the story Pablo reacts "you've been to all that trouble, thanks to Spain actually?" On which Ziggy answers "Yes, but don't worry i like you, you're not like those aboard that fleet." and Pablo asks "So you're a good pirate right?" On which Ziggy answers and laughs "Yed i am, and the most pirates are, we have a code, we help each other, and i only fight against the Royal Navy, Spain, The EITC, Jolly Roger and his undead army and Blackbeard..."on which Pablo says "So you are also a privateer for the French, and you sink Spanish for them?" on which Ziggy says "Yep." and Pablo says "ow ok." and they move on to their next destination. It's almost evening and Ziggy, Pablo and Selena are abou to arrive on

Noba Albion

Nova Albion. They are very tired from their 3 day trip. And they are riding their horses through a forest with lots of fog. They're all cautious, there British in this area and a tribe. The 3 are actually a little scared, until they hear a noise. The horses go in gallop. Then they notice they are followed by 4 Navy Soldiers on horses. But Ziggy had a plan and says "Pablo! I get rid of them, you go that way. I see you soon." and Ziggy goes to the left and one of the soldiers follows him, then Ziggy jump off Patsy into a tree, then when the soldier comes by, he drops himself on the soldier and smash him with the back of his sword on the head so he falls of the horse. With the horse of the soldier he catches up Patsy again and and jumps back on her. Pablo and Selena are still running from the 3 who are closing in. Selena says to Pablo "We're at a disadventage.", they're closing in!"' then Ziggy sh

Foggy Forest in Nova Albion

ows up again and he shouts to Pablo "Oi, do you still have that robe?" on which Pablo answers "Yes, why?" on which Ziggy replies with a smile "I've a plan." Ziggy grabs one side of the robe while Pablo has the other side. Pablo goes to the right and Ziggy to the left and they slow down in speed. British are closing in and when they almost have the 2 friends. Pablo and Ziggy stops and pull the robe high so the 2 soldiers fall of their horses. Selena who's ahead followed by the last soldier think "I can do that too." She slows down so the soldier rides next to her, when the soldier tries to get his pistol, Selena says "ow no no no." she stands up on her horse, and does a move with which she puts her hands on her sadle and kicks the soldier of his horse with her boots. Pablo and Ziggy are impressed. But then all of a sudden they're surrounded by Navy Soldiers with bayonets. The 3 are full of perplexity and are pulled of their horses and arrested.

Chapter Nine: British Camp

Ziggy, Pablo and Selena where put in a small jail. Pablo says “Great there goes our golden city, we’re captured by British” on which Selena says “Now I can never clear the name of my father, and they are going to keep us in jail for the rest of our lives because we are Spanish and you Ziggy they are probably going to hang you.” Ziggy replies on that “ha-ha, don’t worries mate, I’ve been in jail a lot and I’ve always escaped. Besides this jail is easy it are halfpin hinges, with some strength and a proper leverage we are out of this easily.” Selena gets up and says “Are you kidding? You can get us out of here?” on which Ziggy says “of course I can, I’m a pirate, remember?” Ziggy kicks the door 5 times ti

Ziggy attacking the guards

ll the door fell out, they are free. Now they only have to escape the British Camp and find Ohlone Tribe. Pablo says “do you have a plan of escaping route?” on which Ziggy says “Not yet, maybe soon, but mostly I just improvise. Or wait, you see that way to the horse shelter, it’s guarded but not that hard, we can go through there and steel our horses back and steel theirs too.” On which Pablo says “hmmm good plan.” They go quiet to a sequoia tree and hide after it, then Ziggy takes his sword and wait till the first guard comes by, then he jumps from behind the tree and knocks out the guard. Then 5 guards comes to them, Ziggy attacks them too and says to Pablo “grab the sword of that guard that I knocked out” Pablo takes the sword and helps Ziggy with fighting the guards. They defeat them all, then they go to the horses and take their 3 horses and let the other horses escape. The guards find out but they don’t have any horses so they take their bayonets and shoot on the 3. But they and the horses are faster so they escape. They drive further into the foggy forest surrounded by Giant Sequoia. After riding for 40 minutes they hear some branches crack. Then all of a sudden they and their horses are surrounded by Ohlone warriors. Then Ziggy says to the tribe “Hello, I am captain Ziggy Cardon, I come in peace.” Then the chief comes and says “What are you doing here, we do not want people like you here, you only bring bad.” On which Ziggy says “We come in peace and we brought these horses as present, so you would help us. On which the chief says “Ok come to my camp and we will have a talk, warriors take the horses.”

Chapter Ten: A New Clue

The tribe brings them to their camp. Ziggy, Pablo and Selena are in the chiefs’ tent. And he ask them “Who are you? Why are you here?” on which Ziggy says “Well, I am Ziggy Cardon and this are my friends Pablo and Selena. And we are here because a chief of the Pueblo tribe told us you could help us.” On which the chief says “Really, did they? Well with what can I help you then?” on which Ziggy answers “well you see that girl here, that’s the daughter of Henry Gomez and according to a map we found, you have the next clue to our destination, Montalvo’s Golden City.” On which the chief says “The daughter of Henry, then where is he?” on which Selena replies “My father is dead. He fell off a cliff.” On which the chief answers frighten. “He died… that’s horrible, he was a great friend of mine and he was here for years. I would be honored to help you.” On which Ziggy says “Thank you that you want to help us.” Then the chief says “Let’s have a walk.” They are walking just of shore of a beach full of sea lions.

Sea loin Colony in the Bay Of Sanfrancisco

On which Ziggy says “Sea lions, wonderful creatures.” And Selena says “indeed, they are amazing.” On which the chief says “You father spent days here sometimes, he loved seeing these animals. He also left a small book here somewhere.” After a while of stepping next to the Sea lion colony they arrive at a small shack and the chief says “You can search the shack, I’ll wait outside.” Ziggy and Selena enter the shack and start to search the shack. After 30 minutes of searching they still didn’t find anything. And Ziggy says “Selena, have you find anything?” on which Selena answers “No, nothing. It isn’t here i think.” Ziggy says “I’m so sorry.” And they leaf the shack. But then before Ziggy leaf the room he steps on a loose board. And he says “Selena wait! Come, I think there might be something underneath this floor. Ziggy takes an axe that hangs on the wall and starts to chop in the floor. Then they discover a few books, a golden brick, some coins and Indian Artifacts, and a little notebook. Ziggy takes an golden Statue and starts to examine it and Selena take t

Golden Statue found in the shack

he little notebook and starts to browse in it. Then she says to Ziggy “Ziggy take a look at this, it’s my father’s logbook. His whole journey is written in this. We found the map to the City Ziggy!” Selena hugs him and Ziggy says “That’s great let’s tell the chief.” They go outside and the chief says “Found where you went in for?” and Ziggy says “uhu” and Selena “We found my father’s notebook with his whole journey in it, we found the way to the city.” On that moment comes a warrior running towards them and says to the chief “Chief, we’re under attack, a sequoia tree came alive and he’s now attacking us.” The chief says untrustworthy “A living sequoia?” on which Ziggy says “ooh no, Jolly, he’s sending more stumps after us.” They run to the camp. And Ziggy sees a stump he never saw before. It was a Redwood stump from 80 meters. The warriors were attacking it with spears and bow and arrow, but the thing was unstoppable. Even fire didn’t help to kill the monster, the monster kept destroying the camp of tribe. Then the monster sees Ziggy and goes after him, the monster slaps with his huge Branch arm Ziggy pushes Selena and Pa

the Fiersome Giant Redwood Stump

blo out of the way and Ziggy jumps up to miss the punch. But the monster destroys with the punch 2 huts of the Tribe and kills 3 warriors. Ziggy says “I’ve got a plan is here some ravine in the neighbor?” the chief says “No but there are some high cliffs off coast.” On which Ziggy answers “perfect, lead me to the cliff it will follow me.” The tribe, Ziggy and his friends are running to the cliffs followed by the Redwood monster. While running to the cliffs he explained his plan “Well The warriors go stand 10 meters from me right and left side. I go stand to the edge and when the monster comes I jump out of the way, your warriors throw robes to the monster, and it will fall off the edge.” The chief answers “Are you sure this will work?” on which Ziggy says “I don’t know, but it’s better than to do nothing aye.” They arrive at the cliffs with 5 minutes ahead of the monster, time enough to make everything ready for the plan. When everything is ready Ziggy says to Selena, Pablo and The Chief to hide behind a tree. Then the Redwood monster comes from behind the tree and stops for a while. Ziggy goes to his spot, then the monster runs to Ziggy and when it almost hits Ziggy he jump out of the way and the warriors throw their robes to the stump and pull it off the cliffs. The chief says to Ziggy “Have don’t know how to thank you from freeing us of this monster but you have to go now, cause else their might come more of these monsters.” On which Ziggy says “you are right, thank you for helping us.” On which the chief says “Good luck on your journey.” And the friends looks on their map and travel northwards.

Chapter eleven: Not A Kitty To Take On Without Gloves

The three friends are on their horses again, travelling North wards to their destination. The three friends are very tired, they haven’t slept in a while. So after 3 hours of riding on their horses they decide to make camp on a safe place and catch some sleep. They find a cave in the forest and go hide in it. But it’s very cold in the cave. So Ziggy and Selena sleep with each other, very close to each other so they won’t have I too cold. Pablo takes two hides of a bison he got from the Ohlone tribe and wrap them around him. They all fall asleep immediately. Ziggy is sleeping with Selena in his arms and he hears Pablo snoring. Ziggy gets a bit annoyed by it. It gets harder and harder, Ziggy get so sick of it that he throws a rock to Pablo. The rock hit him right between his eyes. Pablo wakes up in instantly and shouts to Ziggy “Aye Caramba, what’s wrong with you senior?!” on which Ziggy answers a bit annoyed but with some satisfaction in his voice “You were snoring, mate.” Pablo answers angry “Is that a reason to throw a rock to a sleeping man, right on his head?” on which Ziggy replies “I’m sorry mate, I’m just trying to help you to stop snoring, be thankful to me mate.” Ziggy smiles and they go back to sleep. After 10 minutes he hears again snoring, and this time even harder than the previous time. Ziggy shouts “PABLO! Don’t make me to throw another rock, savvy?!” on which Pablo answers angrily “DIOS MIO, Ziggy I’m not snoring this time! Your throw gave me such a headache I can’t sleep anymore!” then Ziggy suddenly

Cougar in Cave

realize something “So you’re not snoring, me and Selena aren’t snoring either. Then who is?” Pablo gets up when Ziggy says that. Ziggy can see a frightened look on his face and asks “What’s wrong amigo?” Pablo mumbles frightened “el leon de.. de.. de Montana…” Ziggy is confused and don’t know what Pablo is trying to say “What are ye saying Pablo, I don’t know what you are saying mate.” Says Ziggy laughing and he turns his head. Then he freezes of fright when he sees the time Pablo was mumbling “PUMA!!!” Ziggy shouts. And pulls himself and Selen

Cougar attacking

a out of the bed just in time before the cougar jumps on it to attack them. Pablo takes a gun and shoot, but because of his headache and the fact that he is still half asleep he missed the cougar and almost hits Ziggy. “Wow mate, careful with that!” Ziggy shouts, he and Selena grabs the most of their stuff and runs out of the cave with only Pablo and his stuff behind. Pablo keeps shooting at the cougar until he is out of ammo. But it appears he always missed the cougar so he grabs fast his most important stuff and starts to run, but the cougar is coming after him and it appears that the big cat is faster than the clumsy Spaniard. So he climbs out of impulse in a random pine tree. But what the Spaniard forgot was that cougars

The Cougar is hunting on Pablo

are great in climbing trees, so the big cat instantly climb in the tree too. Pablo was smiling when he thought that his tree climbing was a good idea, until he looked down and saw the cougar climbing the same tree “oh oh, not good. Sssusssh, bad kitty” but the cougar started to climb even faster, so Pablo was trying to reach the top of the pine tree. When he was there the tree was bending to the right because of his weight. But the cougar continue to climb all the way up to Pablo. The cougar was almost with Pablo and hit him with his claws. He took a last jump to reach Pablo, but on that moment the pine tree cracked because of the weight of the man and the big cat. Pablo was lying on the ground when Ziggy and Selena came running towards him

Ziggy Running out of the cave

. Ziggy tried the pull Pablo on his feet, luckily he was unharmed. But Selena was crying next to the fallen tree. Ziggy ran to her and asked “what’s wrong love?” he watched how her tears fell and saw that it hit the body of the dead cougar that was crushed under the fallen tree. “She died Ziggy, it is so sad to see such an beautiful animal die, they are my favorite animals Ziggy. I wonder why she attacked us?” on which Ziggy replied “It is a wild animal, it was probably not use to the company of people.” On which Selena said “no it’s not that, there must be some reason why she attacked us. We should go back to the cave to see why she maybe attacked us” Ziggy mumbled “But we have to find the golden city…” Selena interrupted him “But Ziggy, I really want to see why she would attack us.” on which Pablo added “there are also still stuff of us in the cave like our hides and some food and stuff, and our horses of course.” On which Ziggy agreed “well then, let’s go back then.” The sky was already getting a bit brighter. It was almost morning when they were going back to the cave. It appears that that cougar thing took longer than it looked. Ziggy went straight ahead to the horses to see if they were fine. Pablo went to pack the remaining stuff. And Selena went to investigate the cave. Then she found something interesting and she called Ziggy “Ziggy, look what

Mason the cub

I found.” Ziggy ran up to her to see what she found. And there it was, a cougar cup. “Can we keep Ziggy? Please. His mother gave her life to protect him, and now she’s dead. We must help this poor cup, please Ziggy?” on which Ziggy said smiling “Of course you can keep him. Any idea how you’re going to call him?” on which Selena said “thank you Ziggy” she kissed him a few times and hugged him very hard “thank you so much, I love you. And I don’t know yet, maybe I’ll call him Mason.” On which Ziggy said “Cool name, but now we really have to go, come attach him to you when we are on the horses. We don’t want him to get hurt.” Selena attached the cougar cup very tied against her and waited till he was a sleep. Then they started again to continue on their voyage hoping that they might sleep better next night.


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