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Andaba is the second server on the list. This server is usually ideal, but on a high scale of ideal, nearly full. It sometimes goes full, but almost never goes quiet.

This server is an all around good server. it has a good amount of players, enough for Foulberto, but not so many as to cause overpacking and alot of lag, also beware those with high graphics may have some lag as some spots, including: Darkhart or the French Island. Many people come to the server to find help with a quest, as there are a good number of players.

One of the more popular events on Andaba is SVS. While Abassa seems to be PVP central, Andaba usually has a larger number of players on SVS. Other than SVS, players on Andaba seem to enjoy Darkhart, where they can loot quickly, but with very little lag. Meanwhile you'll see at the french SvS island that you'll most likely see SvSers there hanging out its like Tortuga, Abassa but not alot of foolish behavior and such.

Unfortunetly, recently the exodus of Pirates Online players has taken a major toll on Andaba. The main SVS server has become Abassa, and is now most of the time either quiet, or nearly ideal.


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  • Leon Cannonwrecker


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  • Andaba is the most popular server to go SvSing (Ship Vs. Ship)

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