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Anne is a very happy, nice girl. She is always willing to be friends with anybody. She likes to hang out at Tortuga in King's Arm Tavern. She also likes to explore areas of danger. Her main dream is to find the Fountain of Youth. This goal was accomplished when she met Mark, a blacksmith who needed the fountain to save his wife. (see The Search for Immortality for full story).


Anne in her EITC uniform

Mother: Jade Seahound

Father: Ben Seahound

Child: Rose Seahound


Anne has a home on Tortuga. It is a small wooden house by the beach.


Anne was raised by her parents in a small house on a distant island. Her home was on a beautiful beach, filled with palm trees. Every day she would

Nate about to lock up Anne in jail

swim in the waters. When she was 19, she moved to her own home in Tortuga. She worked at King's Arm tavern as a bartender. At the age of 20, she married Nate Goldfish. Nate betrayed her and locked her in jail and handed her over to the EITC. Also, EITC tricked her into working for them. Later she realized her family were pirates, so she snuck away from the EITC and continued working at King's Arm as a pirate!