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DELETEDSERVER.png Antama is a Deleted Server DELETEDSERVER.png

This quiet server is called home by several players, such as Matthew O' Malley and Erixeya the Grand Master It is found to be a good server to get away from things, as well as having peaceful meetings.

It was removed in the Cataclysm of March.


These pirates LOVE Antama!

  • Matthew O'malley
  • Erixeya the Grand Master
  • Edward Daggerhawk
  • Captain A Ron


These guilds have made their home on Antama.

  • Bros of Chaos
  • Jockeys of Discs
  • The Golden Dukes


These groups have established bases on Antama.

Fan Locations

These locations are on Antama

Fan Companies

These companies are on Antama