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Images (40).jpg Anti-Samuel Alliance of Nations is a out-dated article! No further edits on this page are required unless its a spelling mistake.

Images (40).jpgAnti-Samuel Alliance of Nations is an outdated article. No further edits on this page are needed, unless they are spelling mistakes. This page acts as a Historical Document and is not intended to start any arguments or hurt feelings.

Symbol of the Alliance

The Anti-Samuel Alliance of Nations is a group of nations and guilds, trying to remove Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard from power.


The Anti-Samuel Alliance of Nations was started when the French and Austrians declared war on the EITC for taking up base on Ile d'Etable de Porc to fight the Spanish, Russian privateers. Germany soon followed. After Germany, Skull's Marines joined ranks to fight Samuel. They later renounced their claim.


  • Spain - 2120 citizens, 500 from Spartans Savvy Jr, 500 from Diablos Unleashed, 500 from Spania, 450 from La Casa Unida, 170 from Spartan Savviest, and an additional 80 from La Royale De Spain.
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland
  • The Real EITC
  • Jacobite claims to England
  • France
  • Austria
  • Russia
  • Modena
  • Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania
  • Jacobite Armies in Spain
  • Jacboite Armies in France
  • Jacobite Armies in the Papal States
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Royal Imperial Co.
  • The Co Empire
  • Moon's Crew
  • N.R.
  • Order of Nautilus
  • Kingdom of Bavaria