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Antik is a very ideal server which is, most of the time ideal, and even at night it is ideal.This Server is great for looting, leveling, plundering, Invasions, and Fleets.

One of the more heavily damaged servers in The Asteroid Impact


During the time of Captain Leon, Antik was the home base for the EITC, and was often covered with members of Leon's guilds. Also this is the server if looking for the best ships out there.This Server Also had a LONG invasion it lasted 63 minutes and the pirates killed Jolly Roger in the end at Port Royal (6-12-11)

EITCSI Antik is a/the Server of the East India Trading Co. Shipwright Industry!


These Players LOVE Antik:


These guilds make their homes on Antik:

  • Grand Co. Empire (deleted)
  • United Outlaws
  • Marauder's Militia
  • Grande Doubloons

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Fan Owner

Jeffrey Blasthawk bought this on October 29, 2011.