The Kingdom of Antiva

Political and cultural details
Official Languages

Nepanian; Drodnian




Constitutional Monarchy


King Gareth I






586 AD

The Kingdom of Antiva is a city-state in located in the northern hemisphere of Serpens. Constructed by the Drodnian Empire in 586 AD, the floating city of Antiva has emerged as the sole superpower on the entirety of Serpens. According to the most recent estimate, the population of Antiva is just under 850,000 - although when combined with all of the cities and settlements that Antiva is responsible for supporting on Serpens, the total population can be counted as approximately 30 million. The current King of Antiva is King Gareth I.

Following the flood of Serpens, Antiva has established itself as Serpens' economic, political and cultural centre, as well as the backbone of all life remaining on the planet. Antiva provides military protection, food, and other resources for most of Serpens. Antiva has a close political and economical relationship with the nearby city of Skyhold.

Prior to the flood, Antiva was a popular destination for the residents of Serpens for a multitude of reasons. The Antivan Coliseum held many notable events, including the famous Pren v. Haines boxing match. The famous Summer Palace located on the mountain next to Antiva has held countless significant political events, and was eventually established as the headquarters for the Serpenian Coalition - an organization created by the Drodnian Empire for all countries on Serpens.

Culturally, Antivan citizens have long been among the richest in the world, with less than 5% of the cities' population classified as a "low income household". As such, unlike most of Serpens, Antiva has a complex culture and most citizens are not as cynical as the rest of the population. 


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