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Dear Lord Andrew Mallace, and Lord Johnny Coaleaston,

I know yesterday I have caused much stress upon you, but it hurts me to this day and it avoids me sleeping at night. Lord Mallace, I apologize for mis-understanding ( Operation Fruit Salad ) I was very confused at the time and didn't know what was going on. As my instincts were telling me to show a screen shot to Johnny Coaleaston, I sent them to him and caused chaos. Johnny Coaleaston, I apologize for sending you false information, I promise it won't happen again unless the screen shot is official.

P.S. Mallace, you still gotta perform Dirty Mall And The Boyz FOR ME.

Sincerely, Lord Admiral Nathaniel Joseph Garland

Apology Letter To: Lord Andrew Mallace and Lord Jonathon O'Reily pertains to role-play.
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