Aquilan Chemical Society

Full name

Society for the Development of Universal Science


c. 3000 AD


Scientific research, world exploration, cartography, lobbying, conflict resolution

,interdimensional protection

Executive Scientist

Gavin Stryx

Chief Technical Scientist

Emmanuel D. Drodd


Private corporation


Isle of Eternity



Military Wing

Children of Violet


The Aquilan Chemical Society is a small private corporation and secret society dedicated to the advancement of science and geography throughout all of Aquila. In its two millennia of existence, the organization and its subsidiaries have worked worldwide to fund exploration of new lands and the studies of biology, chemistry, and physics. Its name derives from its leading focus, which is studying the manipulation of the building blocks of life and matter for human use.

Throughout history, the ACS has established headquarters in all charted continents and funded human development and civilization. In particularly underdeveloped societies, it has served and continues to serve as the lone source of schooling and healthcare.

Beyond its humanitarian actions, the workings of its corporate structure are largely unknown. The organization cooks and delivers concoctions of vivid colors and striking effects for low prices all around the world, but the source of the meat of its funding remains a mystery. None of its board are known to have ever appeared in public.

In reality, the organization is part of a massive interdimensional and multiversal force of genius scientists seeking to develop societies with striking speed and stamp out any obstacle to this purpose. The ultimate purpose of this investment is unknown to all but the Supreme Alchemist.

Subsidiaries and their Operations

Dreiton Chemical Society

The Dreiton Chemical Society, henceforth abbreviated as the DCS, is the branch of the Aquilan Chemical Society headquartered in the Free City of Dreiton. Established in 4710, shortly before the arrival of Humberto Fletcher, the DCS has undertaken and funded numerous investments in the Free City, the most prominent being the creation of chemical company on the small island of Spica off the city coast. Behind the scenes, the Society is an avid proponent of foreign exploration, particularly those involving mining and resource retrieval.

It serves as the informal technical wing of the Dreiton Exchange Mandate, despite the branch operators' disdain for colonialism. The communications between the two entities is based on the metallurgy skills of the Society as well as its critical projects in redstone production and refinery. More recently, they have begun spearheading the research and possible synthetic production of pure "quintessential" Codanium. In a secret breakthrough, glowstone crystallographers in Spica found that solid Codanium is essentially a mixture of at least fifty other elemental substances in solidified quintessence. Efforts have begun to separate, extract, analyze, and use the bare components.

The branch chief is CTO Emmanuel D. Drodd, a prodigal and highly reclusive young man. Despite being physically known to almost none, he is highly involved with Dreitonese politics and steers the Mandate officers to more vigorous exploration and more peaceful occupation. Additionally, he serves as a shadowy advisor to the military science wing, instructing its leaders on the creation of impressive machinery while divulging only a minute fraction of the Society's combined knowledge. He is deeply trusted by Suther Winslow, who has only seen him once. Outside of the political sphere, he is a friend to a few older and quieter citizens, and serves on a cadre of elite explorers on the payroll of the Mandate.

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