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*Robin Hohenzollern
*Robin Hohenzollern
*Anne Hohenzollern
*Anne Hohenzollern
*Natasha Heizman
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[[Category:Assassin's Creed]]

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Assassin's Creed:Trails of Despair is a fanon written by Jim Logan. It's set during and directly after the events of Assassin's Creed 4:Black Flag. The protagonist is a new, original character who's name is not yet known. Characters set to appear are Blackbeard(Edward "Thatch" Teach,) and Edward Kenway. The setting is the Caribbean.


  1. Protagonist - Set to be a female, black hair, emerald eyes. From Prussia, she learned English from her mother on their way to the New World. Her father was an Assassin turned Templar who killed her mother in front of her, believing her to be an Assassin. The protagonist if the Captain of the Diamond Dog. Whether she is an Assassin or a Templar is unknown
  2. Seth Norton - The secondary protagonist, first mate to the Protagonist. He has a "common appearance" of a Frenchman and lacks any fighting skills, and instead spends most of his time piloting the Diamond Dog.
  3. Rosemary Goldenshyre -  A central character to the story, she is the protagonist's lover and member of the Assassins. She comes from England and is the Captain of the Red Rose.
  4. Jonathan Haines - A British Royal Navy Admiral, he serves as one of the antagonists. He is believed to be a member of the Templar Order.
  5. Edward Kennway - A pirate, and Assassin. He serves as the protagonist's mentor as Blackbeard served to him. They have a mutual respect for one another but often bicker over what needs to be done. 
  6. Ivan Mann der Macht - The father of the protagonist and self-proclaimed Assassin Hunter. He was a member of the Templar order, but he was removed after he killed a fellow member, thinking he was an Assassin. He serves as the main antagonist of the story.


Although many of the locations in Trails of Despair will be reused from Black Flag. The protagonist will also be visiting obscure locations in the ever-growing New World and Europe such as New York, New Orleans, and London.

Potential Protagonist names

  • Nami Hohenzollern
  • Robin Hohenzollern
  • Anne Hohenzollern
  • Natasha Heizman
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