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The Assassins Pistol is currently employed by the Royal Alliance Elite Squad. It is used to assassinate rivals, and in extreme cases as a combat weapon. The pistol itself looks harmless, but packs a powerful punch.


The Assassin's Pistol has two barrels. The gun is nearly never reloaded, due to the fact you should be able to eliminate your enemy with 2 rounds at the most. It comes with one type of ammo, a Titanium Bullet. The bullet deals 2000-3000 damage in one shot, more than enough to dispose of any normal enemy. These guns are however, very expensive to make, costing a hefty 10,000 gold a piece, only to be used on the most important of targets.

The gun has also been cursed by Tia Dalma to allow its user Twinty Five seconds of invisiblity so you can sneak up on your target unseen.


Cost: 10,000

Inventor(s): William Damproberts and John Breasly

Rarity/Type Famed Repeater (2 Barrels)
Resale Value N/A 2,265 gold
Spirit (Weapon Skill) Rank 3 Grants user Invisibility for 25 seconds
Titanium Shot N/A Enables Titanium Shot
Sharpshooter N/A 100% accuracy. Disables take aim.
Scattershot +2 Small chance of bullet shattering on impact
Attack N/A 126
Level Required N/A Shooting level 30