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Imagine thousands of men, women, and even children dressed in rags climbing up latters and delivering each other large planks of wood and metal to contribute to making a monstrous vessel. The BRV (Barbary Republic Vessel) Apocalypse was created just that way. It's protected by an inch of steel armor and armed with 132 cannons with explosive ammo. Six of its cannons can also shoot enemy ships ahead. Compared to the average ship of the line, this ship outsizes one by approximately 30 feet in length and has two extra sails. In the harbor of Algeris in 1744 this monster of a ship was born. Pirates would be promised pay or even a spot in the crew if they helped build the Apocalypse. Over the 3 years it took to make it, nearly half the population of the anarchy-ran nation (at that time). Today, it is a vessel under the command of King Jonathan Turner of Barbary.


  • Speed: 9 knots
  • Hull: 15,000
  • Cannons: 12
  • Broadsides: 120
  • Ammo: Explosive, lightning
  • Has 6 forward cannons
  • Infamous explosive broadsides
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