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The Barbary Elites is the official role-play guild of the Barbary Coast. It was established by Johnny "Shark" Turner (game name: Johnny Shark) on the night of July 27, 1746 (2013). Although, David Yellowfish did officially make it since Johnny only had basic member access. The guild encourages players with skills in sailing and cannoneer, in light of the fact that the main activity done is Privateering.

The guild invitation code is HTTC7458, but it will be changed and kept secret once the guild is fully grown.

Rules, Requirements, Guidelines, and Other Info

  • Must be level 10+ to join (may vary later)
  • Trustworthy members will be promoted to officer, especially those who are active on this Wiki
  • No spamming the guild chat
  • Any consistent drama will result in a ban
  • If an officer is repeatedly kicking out members for no reason, IMMEDIATELY report it to me
  • All new members will become veterans and recruiting is encouraged (may vary later)
  • If I, or an officer announces an SVS event, you are highly encouraged to join
  • Treat all other members with respect, under all circumstances


More to come after the guild is developed