Barbossa's favor

This is a quest I made up that gives a result of cursed guns and 2000 notoriety points. This quest is to help Barbossa out and help him make a special potion to not become cursed when the full moon is out.

Part 1

  1. Go to Barbossa
  2. Go talk to Calypso on cuba
  3. Kill 5 undead raiders and kill General Darkhart
  4. Go back to Calypso
  5. Now go fight General Bloodless and 5 undead brutes
  6. Go back to Calypso
  7. Go to the Thieves Den and get a paper from the Eitc Outpost
  8. Deliver the paper to Calypso
  9. Take The First part of the potion to Barbossa

Part 2

  1. Go sink 5 Navy War class ships for their sails
  2. Deleiver the sails to Calypso
  3. Go Capture General Richard of a Navy Man O' War
  4. Drop him off at any Wild Island
  5. Go Back To Calypso to tell her the news
  6. Go get 20 stingers of Wasp on driftwood and 5 crab claws
  7. Bring the ingredients to Calypso
  8. Go sink 5 Eitc sentinels and 5 Eitc corvette for the potions
  9. Bring all the potions to calypso to make the final ingredient

Part 3

  1. Bring final product to a Gypsy on port royal
  2. Go Kill 10 Navy Cadets and 5 Undead Gypsy's for there guns and Voodoo Doll
  3. Return the Gun's and voodoo dolls to the Gypsy
  4. Go talk to Roger Ironbreaker on padres about how to make a Voodoo Sabre
  5. Return the news to the Gypsy
  6. Go kill 5 undead for their bones and Sink 5 cursed ships for the blades
  7. Return the parts to the Gypsy
  8. You have made the voodoo sabre so you get the final part of the potion
  9. Return the potion to Barbossa and get your Cursed gun

Thank you

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