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A Little 'Bout Bart.

Gender- Male

Level- 50

Nationalities- English, German (Hessian),and Italian

Title- High Assassin

Favorite Drink- A mix of hard cider, fine rum and vodka, called a brawlers knock-out

Nick Name- "The Shadow Mercenary"

Best Friend in Game- Johnny Goldtimbers / Mark Ironskull

Father - Gerhard Von Stantten

Motto-  "Nam et ultio dulcis victoria!"

My days in the East Inda Trading Company.

Well to begin I joined The Eitc early on in my years of playing Potco, then I met Sven Daggersteel of the guild British Co. Elites. He taught me to dress properly, fight, and lead but most importantly he made me feel welcome in the Co. After a few weeks I met another important man who would change my life forever, Johnny Goldtimbers. He was my best friend and my commanding officer up to the closing of POTCO. I am now a redcoat foot soldier.

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My Assassin History

Well in the begining of the Post Paradoxin war I was a normal foot solder for the spanish army. I was a good fighter but always looked over come time for promotinal training. I was then in battle against my later allies and friends, the British E.I.T.C.  I drilled normaly that day in my wooden fort then all of a sudden a bullet hit my first mate. Seconds later I blacked out to wake up, the only survivor in a burning fort ... So i thought, I was in hell itself not the burning fort, The demons parted and there he was, Lucifer, My soul is so evil neither heaven nor hell can hold me so i was lead out the gates of hell with every step losing mortality and my uniform turned black with a flash of white. The Spanish betraid me and the loss of the men was said to be of my highering an assassin. I set out to find this marksman, I met the British E.I.T.C they trained me to what I am today. The marksman was none other than Carlos Da Vinci Clementine.  I received my family sabre "Iron Judgement" forged in Hell-fire and Brimstone engraved on the blade is the family motto..."Nam Et Ultio Dulcis Victoria" apon reaching my rank of Major.

Family Dynamics

My Father- Gerhard Von Statten

My Uncle and guardian for most of my childhood- Ian Mercer

My Mother- Unknown (Deceased)

My Son- Major Raphael Swordfury

My Wife- Killed at the hands of the Spaniards

Bartholomew Swordfury