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the avenger

the battle for the avenger was a battle where the eitc fought the navy itself!

we are still gathering info on it as there were not to many witnesses but we can tell you this the avenger was a ship where the power of the skeleton army itself was useless and the eitc leader beckett and a greedy high ranking naval officer both wanted hence starting a civil war in the kings military

the battle

The battle for the avenger was like no other while the navy secured a blockade around the ship so EITC ships couldnt threaten to sink it if the navy didnt leave while ships that actually got through the blockade boarded the ship and killed the navy on board her after that point the battle became carnage EITC was winning on the ship while the navy caught and sank EITC ships in the hail of cannon balls from it powerful dreadnoughts. but when news reached the king, however he sent a detachment of the 200th foot regiment and the famed black coats to quell the riot. when the team arrived the traitorous eitc and navy including the navy officer who attacked were killed and the avenger became the flagship of the 200th and the black coats.

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