The Battle of Padres EITC vs Spain

The Commanders
Lieutenant Jason Blademorgan Cadet
Sergant Jason Fireskull Hippie
Major Ben Scurvyfoote King Francis Chiphawk
'So 'when my men were in training, Francis Chiphawk said he was going to attack us. Well some of my men are spies in the Paradox, so thats how we found out. We asked for more men, Lord Samuel Redbeard Said, yes, then our men arrived on a ship. All of then started to head to the fort to get there weapons, we started to get all of our weapons ready.We built sandbag walls, small ones. The date was 8/23/1745/6:00am, we were ready for battle.The Paradox came by ship, gathered all there men and raced and charged into the fort. We gave the order of the cannons to open fire after that all we heard nothing but cannons shots racing into the skies. Most of the paradox were being blasted with our cannons, but they didn't retreat so our one thousand men opened fired on the Paradox.Then they started to run and got away on there ships.The next day they came again hoping this time to win this time they brought along with them cannons. But we didn't know they were masters of the cannon only for shots it took to destroy our cannons. All of the one thousand men plus the other thousand men that Sam give us all of the men raced down and charging at Paradox. We had won big brawl but Paradox lost again due to two thousand men vs five hundred. Day three they came back again we had no cannons only men so again we charged down the fort but we were being shot and blown up. When we shall then we shot at yem threw some bomb. Then had our brawl again we won they started to run this time we just shot at them. They got away again but this time we had left over men form Paradox we had
220px-Austrians executing Serbs 1917-1-

Eitc executing Paradox

no other choose but to execute them. Here is a pic out the executing of the Paradox you may have won the battle but you didn't win this war said Francis Chiphawk . This pic was talking place in the outskirts of padres
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