Akatsuki vs Smoke clan. Leader of Akatsuki Sven Daggerbones got together friends and guild and attacked smoke clan on tortuga searching everywhere until they found them on the docks then mid way in the fight angel sun slipper turned on the them and Sven and Zach the to main leaders there besides Shadow. Sven and zach fought the co junior goons in battle and crushed them. Sven deicided to do some demolition and blowed up the entire beach almost and most of tortuga.

Battle At Sea

the battle at sea was very crucial to destroy many of the smoke clan transports but co was there so we sunk them all beheading every last man, our cannons destroying smoke clan not leaving a single person left only Anthony Samuel and his custom made war transport escaped. The men of the Akatsuki 50th navy had failed to kill samuel the smoke clan leader.


the prisoners left from the battle who were smoke clan had only been left prisoners because of command when faced in trial there sentence was being shot by a cannon. Later Sven called the war meeting to assemble all of the 700th all weapon battalion and commanded the assualt on Ash island one of the many smoke clan region bases so begins the smoke clan war.

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