Beckett's Pride

A Beckett's Pride meeting.

Beckett's Pride (or Tyrants) is a new East India Trading Company guild led by Joseph Crestscarlett. Although they're loyalty is with the EITC, they don't consider themselves to be a full part of it. Therefore, they refer to themselves as business partners with Lord Cutler Beckett.

The name Beckett's Pride is the name they are known throughout the Caribbean, but the real guild name is Tyrants.

They are allied with a number of guilds:

- Raider Empire

- Port Royal Rogues

- Perdida Rebels

- Dread Sea Raiders

Recently they were involved in a guild war between Raider Empire and a small guild called Logan Heights. Both sides were recruiting at the time. This war has had many bloody battles, including the 1st and 2nd battles of Mar De Plata, the Battle of the Hinterseas, the Battle of Minertown, and the Battle of Padres Del Fuego. Known members of Beckett's Pride are:

- Lord Commander Joseph Crestscarlett

- Naval Overseer Mark Firerage

- Artillery Officer Kyle Blackwall

- Infantry Officer Jack Dougherty

- Fleet Lieutenant Seadog

- Captain Rose O'scarlett

- Admiral Rachel Warskull

- Major Mark Coalcutter

- Recruit Sergeant Solomon Firekidd

Known ships of the Pride fleet are:

- HMS Tyrant (their flagship) 

- HMS Apocalpyse

- HMS Ancient

- HMS Ravager

- HMS Covenant

- HMS Heartless

- HMS Deathdealer

- HMS Ravenous

Beckett's Pride is also at war with some guilds:

- Predicon

- Logan Heights

- Pukwudgies

- Spanish Light

Beckett's Pride is known for their humor and activity. They are recruiting and have outposts on Padres del Fuego, Port Royal, Cuba, Outcast Isle, Rumrunners Isle, and Kingshead. Joseph can be found on the Antik, Abassa, and sometimes Andoso servers. Beckett's Pride also owns a vast trading network throughout the Caribbean, with several traders at their outposts. They have guild meetings every Sunday in the Ratskellar Tavern in Padres on the Abassa server. These meetings are usually presided over by the GM or a high rank officer.

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