Beckett's Vengeance is undoubtedly an extremely powerful weapon in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Its stunning qualities make it also nearly impossible to find. This mighty cutlass has a flabbergasting attack of 174, while its skills also don't disappoint. This sword requires a master swordsman in order to use it. The resale value is a stunning 22,700 Gold!!! This immensely powerful sword is said to have been Lord Cutler Beckett's prized possession. Only one pirate in the entire Caribbean has is, and that is the mighty Pepper.
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  • Attack: 174
  • Abilities: Invulnerability [(Rank 5) User is invincible for 90 seconds!], Thrust Boost (+5), Poison Immunity (Rank 4), Critical Strike (Rank 5)
  • Level Required: 30
  • Resale Value: 22,700 Gold
  • Cost: Can only be found in loot on Outcast Isle
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