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     Ben Crestealer level12 is the Greatest Traveler in the Caribbean.He decided to travel to every single island to recruit lots of people to his massive crew.His Original Crew was:

  • Jinks level 7
  • Matthew level 13

  • Chloe level 17
  • Tom level 9
  • Robert level 18
  • Chris level 4

He gathered up his crew members and boarded 2 ships the Outlaw Raider Galleon and Storm Raider Sloop and set sail from port royal to devil's anvil to tortuga to cuba to raven's cove to rumrunner's to tormenta to kingshead to del fuego to outcast to french to spanish and back again to port royal. At the end of the trip he had 200 crew members 13:15, November 7, 2011 (UTC)By John Gilbransen

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