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My name is Bess Firebones. I be a Pirate lass. Adventure on the high seas makes my blood race! I love it! Me an my pals in the guild Gen of Peace have had some adventures to be sure. And you can read all about them on Lawrence Daggerpaine's page :P. If ye have the stomach for it. LOL

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Ive made friends, in high and low places. They all be the same to me. A friend of mine is a friend for life. And I got yer back through thick and thin. My pirate is level 50 but not fully mastered. Cursed cannons! Bah i would rather be at the helm than on that cannon! Doesn't help me aim stinks to high heaven either argh! Nay I rather have a first rate cannoneer like Lawrence Daggerpaine or Bill Plunderbones do the cannon work. They be true pirates with true aim mate, make no mistake about that!

I love me POTCO so much me Mum has previously had me er.. curtailed from me adventures as it were...o.O But true to me pirate nature... ye may still catch me on if yer crafty enough. LOL .. after all.. I AM a pirate :P

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