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The Black Rangers Crest

The Black Rangers were founded by Nicholas De Salisbury to serve the EITC Black Guard. Their motto is "We Will Be The Last Thing You See."


On a trip to Africa with the famed Ian Mercer, Nicholas came across a series of militia-men, scouring the deserts. Nicholas was brought to their leader, Amahn. Amahn wanted to unite Africa in one empire, using his rangers. Nicholas told him to join the Black Guard, and his wishes would come true in due time. Amahn agreed. and so, the Black Rangers were born!

How It Works

The Black Rangers are a world-wide organization, they have one leader for each country, or majorly independent city, such as Singapore.


  1. Black Ranger (1) = The leader of the Black Rangers, who the Grand Rangers report to.
  2. Grand Rangers (6) = A Grand Ranger commands the Lord Rangers of a continent. If you wish to become one, designate your continent. Grand Rangers report to the Black Ranger.
  3. Lord Ranger (depends) = A Lord Ranger commands the rangers of a specific country or independent city. If you wish to become one, designate your area. Lord Rangers report to the Grand Ranger of their continent.
  4. Battalion Ranger (2 per area) = A Battalion Ranger commands a battalion of Rangers. Battalion Rangers report to the Lord Rangers of their area.
  5. Lieutenant Ranger (5 per battalion) = A Lieutenant Ranger commands a fifth of a battalion of Rangers. Lieutenant Rangers report to their Battalion Ranger.
  6. Sergeant Ranger ( 3 per Lieutenant Ranger) = A Sergeant Ranger commands a third of a Lieutenant Rangers' Rangers. Sergeant Rangers report to their Lieutenant Ranger.
  7. Ranger (Unlimited) = A Ranger is a basic Ranger. There are twelve to a sergeant, not including special ranks. Rangers report to all higher command.


Black Ranger = Nicholas De Salisbury

No other ranks have been chosen