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The Blade of the Bloodlord was created, owned, and cursed by the Bloodlord. He is the person said to have created all Blood Fire weapons, and this is said to be the FIRST Blood Fire weapon. All skills are either Rank 8 or +8. It is a Legendary Cursed Blade. This blade is said to have the blood of a Drakonian on it, which would make it able to control dragons. It was forged in the fires of Dragonspyre. The blades moves are follow by a red shadow, and the blade has a red tint to it.

The Blade of the Bloodlord.

Required level : 30 Sword

Resale Value: 7,000

Attack Power: 110


Desent of Dragons ( summons three dragons to aid in battle for a minute and a half) Rank 8

Curse Strike (curses enemy with every hit) rank 8

Fire Strike

Blood Fire Rank 8

Cursed Ice Rank 8

Sweep Boost +8

Drain Health Rank 8

Drain Voodoo Rank 8

Blade Storm Boost +8

Dark Curse Rank 8