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The sword/rapier made up of nothing but silver, steel, and expensive cloth.

The Turner family has been known to be professional blacksmiths and blacksmith merchants. One of the blacksmiths, in the year of 1545, created a sword that has been passed down for 200 years. It was involved with legendary stories and adventures that members of the Turner family were through. These stories evolved from the later renaissance to the golden age of piracy. Some of the tales were about a yound child at the age of 13 who managed to rule the battlefield using just one light rapier. Some of them were about slaying deadly beasts that erected from hell itself. The sword stayed in perfect shape for exactly 200 hundred years and counting, and nobody knows why. In 1744, Will Turner passed the sword down to his cousin, Johnny. Jonathan was humble, quiet, clean-cut, and well-mannered for a pirate. His persona was a very civilized Englishman on the outside, but an ill-tempered, silent killer on the inside. Every time he wields the sword, he makes the most of it, and does not take it for granted. His sheer skill using the sword single-handedly won him power over the pirate-infested Key West. After that, he stepped down from leading it and took over the whole Barbary Coast along with his guild and merciless crew and of course, the Blade of the Turners. He is now the current holder of the sword.


Though it looks like a sabre, it uses the attacks of a broadsword, but it's its own type, a rapier.

  • Attack Power: 100
  • Special Attack: Soul Charge (stab at your enemy and as you pull the blade back, a ghost of the opponent goes into your body, temporarily knocking him/her on the ground while healing you the damage you dealt)
  • Abilities: Sure footed 3
  • Bonuses: Parry +5
  • Level Required: Sword 30
  • Type: Legendary
  • Cost: Can only be obtained by defeating every Turner NPC