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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 12 August 2021

Hail and Farewell, Friends.

Hail and Farewell, Friends. A few words from our staff team as the Final generation comes to a close, we we end the Wiki.

  • 1 From Nults McKagan, Administrator
  • 2 From Johnny Goldtimbers, Administrator
  • 3 From Benthamic, Administrator:
  • 4 From Ned Edgewalker, Administrator:
  • 5 From the Desk of the President of the POTCO Players Wiki, Andrew Mallace

It's no secret the GFW has basically been gone for a couple years now. I accepted that the end arrived a long time ago, but seeing our mostly-inactive discord channel finally being erased still fills me with a sense of bittersweet nostalgia. I spent a great deal of my teenage years on the GFW/PPW playing POTCO, Minecraft, and everything else we all liked to play together. When I first joined the wiki in 2011, I …

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 24 May 2020

Community Vote: The Future of the Wiki

Copied from the "Dissolution of the SSC and Granting of Eternal Presidency" thread here:


I have long held democracy a sacrocant privilege to the people of the Gamers Fanon Wiki ever since I reluctantly took office as your President in September of 2016. It is with great pleasure that I announce the next evolution of that democracy. The people have willed for this bureaucratic board, formed as a ploy of the BNO, to end it's reign of backstopping, slow progress, and nepotism it has had over our wiki for ages.

Democracy will continue under the new "imperial" wiki move, but admins, rollbacks and all staff members will remain just as important in fulfilling a critical role by keeping our historical wiki clean, accurate, and available for…

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 8 May 2020

Executive Order 66

Friends, colleagues, future leaders, and obedient citizens;

Long have we waited. There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? It's new colors!

In light of a great conversation I had tonight with my admin team and Deputy Grand Vizier Ned Edgewalker, CEO of TOAB Security, a subsidiary of TOAB, Inc. in learning that our good friends from a far have found a potential new home, we are moving forward with long overdue renovations to the wiki! Leading this charge is former President G-man, who now serves as the Imperial Executive. He will be trying out new scripts and visual changes to the wiki as we move into our next phasen- eternity! Let us honor the WORK of our users for the DECADE we have existed and PLEDGE to PROTECT what comes next!

Please s…

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 19 January 2020

2020 Wiki Presidential Address

January 18, 2020

My fellow Wikians,

2019 was a year of-

We are still here, somehow. I am still here, somehow. We are approaching 10 years of existence! The Committee for the Preservation of True Leadership that in no way exists is not at all definitely excited for 2020 and what is to come!

New faces and old!

Thanks for being you. Get out there and make a difference. Still can't believe you're still here. Nor myself. 


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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 7 July 2019

Executive Order 35: Promotions of Nults McKagan and Johnny Goldtimbers


We do not have a policy that states exactly the limits of Presidential / Vice Presidential power, and for a long time we've just  kind of gone with it. Regardless, "temporary" promotions have always been within bounds to bypass the SSC. Johnny Goldtimbers has served faithfully as an admin for the past year and I am also promoting Nults McKagan for his continued efforts on the wiki and to establish a baseline for our less-than-big community leadership. I've been considering thet right path for a while now and i've settled on this.

So he is now an admin and can do things that will fix things.  I will be speaking with Wag about putting out an official SSC request that clearly states the powers and limits of what a President / Vice Presi…

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Captain Ned Edgewalker Captain Ned Edgewalker 6 May 2019

2019 Wiki Olympics

See Also: Wiki Olympics - 2018 Wiki Olympics

Alright, hello! Ladies and gents, wikians of all ages, after much anticipation, preparation and excitement on my part, the time has (almost) finally come. Who will win it all this year? Can the beast known only as El Underdog (how can he be an underdog when he keeps fuckin winning?) be stopped? Will his streak die?

Welcome to the 2019 Wiki Olympics. In this competition, there are a total of seven different events held on four different games. This includes our two new events, Spleef and Secret Hitler.

To refresh everyone or to introduce our newcomers to how the standings work, here is a quick explanation: Gold medal is worth three points, Silver is worth two and Bronze is worth one and any finish b…

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 13 January 2019

2019 Wiki Presidential Address

My fellow Wikians,

The year 2019, roleplay year 1752 for those still keeping up, is here. This coming March will mark the 9th year of our existence. The fact that we are still here boggles both my own mind and those of several people, likely including the UGW, the Pirates Forums, and Currycoo himself. The game is long shutdown and TLOPO is but a distant memory for most of us. We've played different games together along the way, most prominently Minecraft, on which our dear Wiki Historian continues to host a dedicated server to all of our wikians (with exceptions). Regardless of what game we play, our base sticks together and continues to embrace the camaraderie all these years later. 

Our timestamp currently reads: "Gamers Fanon Wiki was fou…

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Squirto19 Squirto19 21 September 2018

Community Vote: Removal of the ISP

Copy pasted from this thread:

"This wiki has changed so much since its creation back in 2010, it's changed so much from how it was back in 2013. We've changed as a community, from new faces to just overall growth as individual people. So why should we continue to stick with policies that defined a completely different wiki and community?

The ISP was put in place to keep the staff of the wiki as active as possible within the community. A need which almost immediately passed as soon as content began to slow down and POTCO drama began to leave our doorstep. Some of the current staff may not satisfy the edit requirements of 5 years ago, but they still contribute to the wiki when they can. While also remaining a very active part of the community,…

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Squirto19 Squirto19 5 September 2018

Community Vote: Bureaucrat Demotions

For some time now, G-man has been allowed to hold Bureaucrat powers on two separate accounts since his resignation, those accounts being The Butcher of Stilwater and G-mot.. Early this morning G-man used the G-mot. account to unban a permanently banned user's sockpuppet in what Gio has said was "a drill to test our preparedness". The administration has decided it would be in the wiki's best interest to have G-mot. and The Butcher of Stilwater demoted from Bureaucrat. The request will be sent to Fandom Staff to handle the demotion if a majority of Support is reached.

  1. Squirto19
  2. Captain Ned Edgewalker
  3. Nults McKagan
  4. WaglingtonŒ
  5. Nate Crestbreaker
  6. LawIronhawk

  1. Marc Warfury

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Lord Andrew Mallace Lord Andrew Mallace 15 June 2018

Community Vote: Unban Request - Will Greasescarlett

As per our rules, Unban requests must be passed through a community vote. As much as I'd like to just use my mighty executive power... it aint gon be like dat. Should this pass, User:Will Greasescarlett will be unbanned on the grounds that he is now over 13 and per Wikia's TOU, is allowed to be here. Happy Voting.

Copy pasted from Ned Edgewalker's SSC post:

"It's time. Even if he was 7, it's been 6 years and he's 13 now. He can be unbanned. This has to happen, you all know it."

Long live democracy. Voting will end in 5 days or when it reaches 10 supports.

Hail the GFW,

  1. Lord Andrew Mallace
  2. G-man.
  3. Johnny Goldtimbers
  4. Squirto10
  5. LawIronhawk
  6. Marc Warfury
  7. WaglingtonŒ
  8. Slappy2742
  9. Captain Ned Edgewalker
  10. Nults McKagan

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