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*[ Stephen]- Stpehen's side pirate.
*[ Stephen]- Stpehen's side pirate.
*[[Matthew Darkskull]]- First public member.
*[[Matthew Darkskull]]- First public member.
*[[George Treasurestealer]]- Second public member.
*<s>[[George Treasurestealer]]- Second public member.</s> Left the guild for NO reason!! You really wanted to be in the guild , dude!
*[[Curycoo]]- Third public member
*[[Curycoo]]- Third public member

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Blue Scurvy Dogs

About the Guild

Guild Userbox ImagePirate Blue Scurvy Dogs is a Pirate Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

This guild was Founded March 10, 2010 when Kat got her membership. After many failed names like Ye Scruvy Dogs, Ye Scurvy Dogs, Blue Dogs and alot more names. I had trouble spelling Scurvy right. We decided to call the guild Blue Scurvy Dogs. My brother is Stpehen. We have a dog named Blue who has a blue tongue. All of my pirates have blue in their names after our dog. Stpehen is an officer and Kat Bluebonnet is the guild master.

How to Find Us

Pistol eagle eye Blue Scurvy Dogs's Favorite server is Vachira!

You will see us on Vachira. When Step and Kat started playing we tried to pick the same server to play together. So we both decided to have the last server as our home server. You will almost always see us on Vachira but we may be on Tortos. Sometimes we switch servers to kill bosses without a big group at the boss. We hang out on Padres Del Fuego, Tormenta,Outcast Isle, Raven's Cove,Tortuga and Port Royal. Stpehen and Kat like to do invasions since we don't get groggy anymore.

Group Memberships

We are proud members of the Confederacy of Independant Guilds (CIG), British Parliament, The Noblemen and The 5th Brethren Court.



  • Goodfella-El Looters.

Other Info

  • This is the first and only guild that Kat and Stpehen have stayed in since the beginning.
  • Yes, you may join this guild because we have opened it to the public. If you want to join, add a comment in the comment section. Stpehen or Kat will get you into the guild. You must be at least level 15 or higher. Unlimited access is preferred but we don't mind if you lose it while in the guild.
  • Kat Bluebonnet and Stpehen will NEVER leave this guild to join another guild.
  • Go to The Offical Blue Scurvy Dogs Photo Gallery to see screenshots.
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