This is Bounty Hunter Bill's last will and testament. It is written as follows.

I, Bounty Hunter Bill, being of sound mind and body, hereby distribute my items to my friends as follows

To my dear friend Lawrence Daggerpaine, I leave a lifetime supply of rum and three crates of my finest whiskey, and 1,000,000,000 gold pieces

Next to my wife Lawless, I leave my entire estate, all my peddler outfits, my too double golden rings, and 30,000,000,000 gold pieces

Next, to my friend Bill Plunderbones, I leave all my famed throwing knives, my golden onyx ring, my golden ruby ring, and 1,000,000,000 gold pieces.

Next, to 1 of my dearest friends, Bess Firebones, I leave my corsairs cutlass, my tiger shark blade, and 3,000,000,000 gold pieces.

And finally, to my dearest friend, Davy Hookwrecker, I leave behind the rest of my items and property, and also 2,500,000,000 gold pieces

Good luck, and may you enjoy these gifts.

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