Brethren Alliance

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(back) Robert Whaleeagle, from left to right, Dog O'Hawk, Esmerelda Darkgrim, Jack Swordmenace, Remy, Ian Bone Crusher, Ned Sharksilver, Jeffrey Blasthawk

The Brethren Alliance was the main force that was responsible for a number of crushing defeats dealt to Leon's forces from October leading into mid-December. The formation of the alliance was caused by the creation of the 5th Brethren Court, and each of the Pirate Lords allied with each other, as well as other guilds. In the end, it would comprise over a dozen guilds.


  • Dark Warlordz (Jack Swordmenace, would change to 'United Pirate Army' after it's creation)
  • Francis Brigade (Has employed the help of the new Hessian Jagers)
  • El Bandidos (Nate Raidhawk, changed to 'Bandidos are Back')
  • Remys Renegades (Remy)
  • Cold Crusaders --> O'Hawk and Co (Dog O'Hawk)
  • Mandalore Jackals (Ned Sharksilver) --> Mercenaries Inc.
  • Mercenarys Band (David)
  • Caribbean Rangers (would eventually turn EITC)
  • Black Officers (Samuel Redbeard)
  • Co Republic (Cad Bane, Elizabeth)
  • Striders (Francis Shipbreaker)
  • David's Armada (David Ironbones)
  • I N F E R N O (Ian Bone Crusher)
  • Treasurehunter Inc. (Richard Goldvane)
  • Blue Scurvy Dogs (Kat Bluebonnet, Stpehen)
  • The Fight Clan (James Warhawk)
  • Brethren Warriors --> Pirate Army Co. (Poeman)
  • All other Brethren court guilds
  • R.A.D ALERT(Tom Cresthawk is in it but isn't GM)

Notable Members

  • Jack Swordmenace
  • Francis Bluehawk
  • Nate Raidhawk
  • Remy
  • Ian Bone Crusher
  • Stpehen
  • Kat Bluebonnet
  • Captain Jim Logan
  • Captin John Fatbeart
  • James Warhawk
  • Dog O'Hawk
  • Francis Shipbreaker
  • Skull Catcher
  • Pearson Wright (sometimes)
  • Jeffrey Blasthawk
  • Davy Squidfitte
  • Tom Cresthawk
  • Cad Bane
  • Elizabeth
  • Samuel Redbeard
  • Poeman


The alliance would fight in many battles with the East India Trading Company, including an early battle with the forces of Co Republic (before the alliance with them about a month later) in the King's Arm, the Battle of Tortuga Docks, the Battle of Port Royal Docks (also known as the Battle of Brethren Court), and is mentioned in the foretelling of a future battle in November of 1723, the Battle of Devil's Pass.

Current Standing

Due to a conflict between the forces of Nate Raidhawk and Francis Bluehawk (which Jack Swordmenace has been trying tirelessly to cease), the alliance is currently at a stand-still.

The alliance plans on supporting Samuel Redbeard in any future civil war between him and this new 'Leon', Four Finger Frank.

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