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The Royal British Hunting Club is a group of individuals who enjoying Hunting. The Club Holds contests, expeditions, and parties. We offer expeditions to places such as The American Colonies, Africa, India, and South America. The Club also includes our own shop and a room called a Frontier room for our Unlimited Members.


The Royal British Hunting Club was founded By King George II of Great Britain and First Sea Lord Matthew Faye I of His Majesty's Royal Navy on August 1, 1744. The club was founded so people can relieve stress and feel the thrill of the Hunt.


  • King George II ~ Grand Huntsman/Founder/President/Trainer
  • Lord Matthew Faye I ~ Grand Huntsman/Founder/President/Trainer/Money Manager
  • Lord Johnny Coaleaston ~ Grand Huntsman/Unlimited Member - Kills made: 732
  • Lord Robert 'Livingston' Macmonger ~ Advanced Hunter/Unlimited Member
  • Sir Chris Crane ~ Grand Huntsman/Unlimited Member - 524
  • Lord John Warsmythe ~ Grand Huntsman/Unlimited Member - Kills Made: 563
  • Lord Johnny Goldtimbers ~Grand Huntsman/Unlimited Member - Kills made: 582
  • Sir Jamie II (the Second) ~ Beginner/Unlimited Member
  • Sir Jack Pistol ~ Beginner/Unlimited Member
  • Prince George III ~ Beginner/Unlimited Member - Kills made:126 (in the past 2 days...)
  • Lord Edward Daggerhawk ~ Beginner/Unlimited Member - Kills made: 354
  • Sir Jason Yelloweagle ~ Advanced Hunter/Unlimited Member - Kills made: 200


From Lowest to Highest

  • Rookie Hunter

Kills Needed: 20

  • Novice Hunter

Kills Needed:50

  • Advanced Hunter

Kills Needed: 100

  • Grand Huntsman

Kills Needed: 500

Membership Packages

Basic Package Six Months

Cost: 5,000 Gold


  • Five free expedtitions to the Americas
  • Access to Rental Weapons
  • One free expediton to any Location

Advanced Package One Year

Cost: 10,000 Gold


  • Ten free expedtions to the Americas
  • Access to the Hunting Shop
  • Five free expedtions to any Location

Unlimited Package Ten Years

Cost: 50,000 Gold


  • Unlimited Hunting Expedtions
  • Access to Hunting Shop
  • Access to The Frontier Room

The Frontier Room

The Frontier Room is a Special area that can be found inside of the Hunting Club. It is guarded and you may only get in with a pass you receive when you purchase the Unlimited Package. It is a Special rooms where the best of the best hunters meet and discuss recent kills or prizes. The Frontier Room is decorated with Prizes of some of the best Hunters and their weapons. Due to some recent problems, you must have a notable kill count of at least 650 to enter.

Types of Hunting Offered

  • Fox Hunting
  • Deer Hunting
  • Turkey Hunting
  • Fowling
  • Angling
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