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The British Trade Union (BTU) is the ENTIRE trade economy of Britain, and includes the British East India Trading Company, the Dutch West India Trading Company, and the British Trading Corps. The head of the BTU manages all trade in and/or out of England ands its colonies. The British Trade Union currently holds trade posts in: The Caribbean, Spain, France, Britain, South Africa, Sierra Leone (for the diamonds), Japan, China, Vietnam, Prussia, Denmark, and Sweden. The head of the BTU has to manage and visit all the trading posts. The BTU currently holds the record for the fastest and most efficient trading union in the entire world.

What We Do

We manage trade between all the afore-mentioned places, including the West Indies, and new colonies in America and South America. The East India Trading Company is the leading branch of the British Trading Union. We are currently shipping crate-loads of diamonds from Sierra Leone to England, Spain, France, and the Caribbean for jewelry, and other various reasons. We help the Dutch West India Trading Company with its shipping, and they have signed an agreement with us, giving the BTU nearly full control over it. The BTU is protected by the Royal Defense Force, the elite security force of His Majesty, King John himself. The Royal Defense Force can be seen in many of the BTU's fleets.

Officers of the British Trade Union

Here is a list of the high ranks of the BTU. All the rest of the members are considered Trade Officers.

Founder and Head of Trade -- Lord Marshal Samuel Redbeard of the East India Trading Company

Head of Shipping Operations -- Johnny Goldtimbers

Head of Defensive Operations -- Roger Decksteel

High Lord of Ground Forces -- Johnathan Francis Anthony O'Reilly I

Naval Lord of Sea Forces -- Sven Daggersteel

Vice Admiral of Sea Forces ( Second-in-Command to Naval Lord) -- Nate Crestbreaker

Lord of the Dutch West India Trading Company -- Giratina Origin Forme