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Cæsar, The Sun King is a Minecraft Page.
Caesar, The Sun King
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/warp Caesar

      Cæsar, The Sun King was a pet Wither on the server MC Empires. He was owned by BaronVonShush, and was built by drlithium_.


In 2013, BaronVonShush had a pet Wither on Olexcraft, but the server had closed down, taking the Wither with it.  In 2014, Peter Coalvane posted pictures on the wiki of the Wither, which had sparked ideas. 

On December 31, 2014, Ned_Edgewalker wanted to fool around with nametags, which had recently been passed in MCE legislation to be given out free by the administration of the server. Waglington told Ned that he could name any mob when he asked if he could name a Zombie, which raised the question: "Can we name a Wither?"

After Waglington tested it out, and the test was a success, he built a suitable spot for the Wither to be nearby the MCE server spawn, and called Ned over to witness the creation, and to take screenshots.

On January 1, 2015, Cannonwalker called the others over to Caesar, who had somehow started firing projectiles from his cage. The others had decided that Caesar would have to be killed, and Waglington would be the one to do it.