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About us

The C.S.I.A was a Special Force in the
Caribbean formed by Captain Josh. They have many responsabilities in the Caribbean. They act as a Investagation group for serious crimes commited. We only accept the most skilled men and women of them all. Cases are listed in the case filing cabinent ( section of page ) and are kept there untill dealt with, Th Squad must act as a group on all things. There will also be the Abandoned missions files, and the finished files.


There are several types of Units.
CSIA badge2

The C.S.I.A Officer/Agent Badge

  • Agents - Study the crime and try their best to solve it and put a person to arrest.
  • Profilers - Look at evidence that can match to a suspects, also looks at the crime type, gets leads for the Agents.
  • Profiler Agent - Agent that help profile the case and also has the job of an agent
  • Personal Swat - For big investagations, needed when a suspect or criminal is armed and very deadly. Does not always come with the agents and profilers.


  • Top 2 Agents - Captain Josh & Nicholas De Salisbury
  • Agents - Jarod, Open
  • Head Profilers - Jeremiah Garland and Cad Bane
  • Profilers - Ryan
  • Profiler Agents - JefferyBlasthawk
  • The Swat Team - Johnny "Shark" Turner
  • Interrogator: Christopher Crane

Waiting List

  • JasonBlade - Denied
  • JefferyBlasthawk - Accepted
  • Ryan Spacebound - Accepted
  • PencilBoyWiki - Accepted
  • Boogiemango - Denied
  • Lord Cad Bane - Accepted
  • Stallion

Current Case

  • Tavern Massacures - Killer Jumping from tavern to tavern round the caribbran on Abassa! killing 5 ppl in each. Taverns Hit : Kings Arm and Royal Anchor
  • Victims names unknown at time,

The Cases Cabinent

This Cabient is Numbered from the Hardest down tot he Easiest

  1. Ravens Cove - Entire Town completly Destroyed, some say by an old Sea Legend, others claim there was a man behind it
  2. The "Scammin" Peddler - 8 women ubducted in the Port Royal Abassa area. ( Names : Caroline Mcginny, Fester Ray, Mademe' Le'cruit, Abbigal Niny, Lilian Pester, Elizabeth Madison, Rose Kellson, and Holly Yucon ) all went missing within 5 days of each other. All were of the age 20 - 28, all were brunettes, but none of them knew one another.
  3. Tavern Massacures - Killer jumping from tavern to tavern round the caribbean on Abassa! killing 5 in each! Taverns hit : Kings Arm, and Royal Anchor.
  4. O'Connor - wanted for the killing of 5 people and the destruction of Mckraken's weapon shop.
  5. Johnny O'Rosie - Murdered at around 4am in his home on Padres.
  6. The Fox - Hit and run killer, has killed 5 victims (that we know of) in Port Royal, and is still lurking
  7. The Poisoning - Poisoned Tavern on Isle De Porc, Food and rum checked, nothing was raw or spoiled.
  8. Party Killer - Man that sneaks into partys and kills the host, has raided 9 different parties in the Tortuga area so far.

Finished Cases Cabinent

  • The Fox - Hit and run killer, killed 5 victims : Nelly Hughman, Doctor Gregory Coot, Daniel Kielson, Victoria Mandelheart, and Lt. Louis Jankins. Killer turned out to be British Royal Guard - James Newman, who had issues with all the people. James Newman was shot trying to escape the C.S.I.A Officers.
  • Johnny O'Rosie - Died at his rented home in Deaf Gunny's Gunnery Shop, by Cornilous Ferrera the Blacksmith of Padres. Ferrera will spend 20 years in a prison camp then will be beheaded at sea if he survives the camp.
  • Party Killer - Killer who collected the heads of his victims; came to parties and killed the hosts. Chris Crane held a party and disguised himself so the killer wouldn't recognize him. Upon trying to kill Crane, he realized his target was immortal, but not soon enough to avoid being stuffed into a bag. He will spend 4 years in prison, being tortured daily for information about his killings. If he survives the sentence, he will be beheaded.

Abandoned Cases Cabinent

  • None


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Criminal Records, and Photos

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