CNWH is the Caribbean Non-nuclear Warhead. Designed and built by Edgar Wildrat this weapon of mass destruction is designed to feed off of living tissue. The remarkable thing about this weapon is that it only destroys living things, buildings remain untouched. A powerful enough explosion can kill the populace of Abassa. Since this weapon has the potential of a world ending machine it is kept in Area 5.1, a secret English Military Base in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Non-nuclear Warhead will only be used in battle when England has no other choice.

What the devastating blast may look like.

An attack from this weapon will destroy anything alive in the selected area, the are can go up to the size of a whole server if neccessary, even flowers crumble after this explosion.


The Caribbean Non-nuclear Warhead has a very advanced range mechanism. You merely have to press buttons targeting coordinates (which average a split-hair accuracy) and selecting an explosion range. The range is controlled by Special Throttles which bend light. The explosion can go from the width of a finger tip to the size of a server.


Mission Number Mission Location Results
Mission #001 Testing Facility All living things died, buildings intact
Mission #002 Pearsons Mansion Pearson dead, Sir Carlos Clemente replaced him.
Mission #002 Disclosed to the Public Disclosed to the Public

The Final Project

It is said that scientists in Area 5.1 are working on a devastating bomb, one that could rip apart the world. This bomb will be unleashed in approximately one year, during 2012. This bomb is called the 2,000 Angels and is believed to be the destruction of all living things.

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