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Caesar's Legion was started by the famed Caesar. It is the "scourge" of the Caribbean, bent of destruction and conquering, like the Romans. The guild is currently without a guildmaster, and has 8 members, presumably inactive.


Caesar's Legion was originally a few slaves being sent to a sugar plantation in the Caribbean. That is, until Caesar came. He overtook the boat, and sailed for a Portuguese colony.

The 1st Attack

Caesar's Legion spotted a Portuguese colony off of the coast of Modern day Brazil. They landed, and devastated the town. They took women as slaves, blacksmiths as prisoners, and the crucified the uncooperative. All too weak to hold a weapon died. This was the first great victory of Caesar's Legion.

The Taste of Plunder

Caesar's Legion sailed North to find a small island. When they docked, the people did not fight. The soldiers who refused to join were crucified. They took a second boat, several more female slaves, and a Damascan blacksmith. This branded Caesar's Legion a pirate crew. This was completely dispelled.

A New Base

Caesar soon realized that they needed a base. Their reign of terror couldn't live on the seas. One day, as the Legion searched for the base, a ship with black sails approached their flagship, the Golden Bull. A boarding plank landed between the ships, and a pirate walked across. "I," the pirate said, "am Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea. I have heard of your... plundering. I want an end to it. Stay to the Northwest, out of my territory. Good day." Caesar's Legion attacked. They lost, but barely. They were pushed back into what is today the Gulf of Mexico. They found a mountainous island, and made a base on it. Their base was called Fortification Hill.

Today, Caesar's Legion still plunders the seas, wanting to restore the world to the time of Rome!

Guild Information


  1. Recruit Legionary—Basic legionary
  2. Veteran Legionary—Bit more advanced
  3. Decanus -- "deputy" of the Centurion
  4. Centurion (Kent-urion) -- Subordinate generals
  5. Legate—General

Special Ranks

  1. Scout—Light armoured soldier, used to scout
  2. Explorer—Light armoured soldier, who scopes the battlefield before battle
  3. Assassin—An assassin

Other Command Positions

  1. Vexillarius—Flag bearer
  2. Praetorian -- Caesar's elite guard
  3. Frumentarii -- Caesar's elite soldiers who do all work regulars can't do

Group Information

Caesar's Legion has become open to the public now. No women, sorry. However, being in this group means you carry the Blessing of Caesar, and when Caesar has built his army and destroys the Caribbean, you may be kept safe. You also swear to fight the New Caribbean Republic. You don't have to join the guild. This group is allies with The Dark.

Name Level Status
Leon Bladeshot 6 Member
James Waveeagle 10 Member
Peter Bilgerat 25 Member
Freebooter 6 Member
Tom Goldskull 10 Member
Charles Warstack 11 Member
James Warshot 4 Member
Samuel Wavemartin 14 Member

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